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What's your favorite colour?

Asked by fabulous (574points) June 14th, 2008 from iPhone
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@delirium excuse the stupidity but the colour is?

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You can look at it there.

Its red.. without any hint of pink in it. My favorite paint color that instead of blending out to make a bright pink, it creates a more orangey-red color.

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@delirium Thats a really nice colour.

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My fav colour is red

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Celtic Green :)

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Red with a blue base! Mmmmmmm…

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@ Eambos: Chartreuse is my favorite color as well!!

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Either a Lime green or sky blue

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Any shade of green, closely followed by purple.

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Margarita green. I can almost taste it.

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curulean. I prob spelled it wrong!

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Close, it’s cerulean.

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dark navy blue.

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My Favorites are #228C51, #FF6D45, #FF154B, #4FE85E, #269DFF.

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green and purple also, can’t decide between the two.

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My favorite color is orange. It is so bright and cheery.

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green green green!

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The colors in my avatar

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Red, Blue, and Green, and any mixture of.

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Pink. But, wasn’t this an example of a question Fluther specifically said was lame?

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I’d argue that it’s not at all. The whole community gets a chance to contribute to a question like this.

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@girlofscience: I thought it was sort of lame also, but then again, it gives us one more chance to get to know each other better. I find it interesting that most people like green.
@osullivan: LOVED your answer!
btw, since you asked, I love working with color as a beader. I am very good at putting colors together and really enjoy it. I have to say my favorite color since childhood is blue. I always find myself drawn to blue.

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@girlofscience and beadholder If you find this a lame question then why bother answering it why not just go to a different question?

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Green and pink are my favorite colors.

On a side note: I wonder what makes someone’s favorite color their favorite color. Is it based purely on the way it looks? Is it partly mental? Is it something to do with the things it makes the person think of?

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@fabulous: when I initially saw the question I thought it was kind of lame but if you see I wrote then again, it gives us one more chance to get to know each other better. then I found myself thinking about how much I like color. Sorry if I initially thought it was lame…

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@beadholder Thats quit ok thank you for your response I felt like I should post some sort of question as I haven’t answered any thing in a while as there wasn’t any thing that really interested me personnally.

All I really want is to be loved please please give me some lurve I don’t ask for much.

good god I sound desperate.

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I really only like chartreuse because it sounds cool and most people don’t know what color it is =P

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The green that comes downs from the sun on spring leaves.

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Lurve for you for responding back and accepting my apology. Plus, I hear ya…needing to feel the lurve!

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@beadholder what comes around goes around and the lurve has just come from me aka fabulous back around to you so

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@beadholder: I didn’t really care about it being lame, and I didn’t mind answering that my favorite color was pink. But I remember when I joined Fluther that I saw a specific mention in its “guidelines” for questions that “poll questions,” such as “What is your favorite color?” are lame and should not be asked. Since that specific question was asked, I thought it was interesting to note.

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Ok we all agree that the question was somewhat lame so let’s move on and get over it

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lime green =)

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green, many variations of it…and yellow is not a bad answer to :)

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