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Beginning of Spring and I'm awfully tired during the day. Could it be all of the fresh air?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (10338points) April 23rd, 2013

The windows are open and it’s a balmy 65. ‘Round three o clock and onward, I was dragging my ass to get things done.

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Make sure you are getting enough sleep and eating regularly. I often find that a glass of lemonade is a great pick-me-up. I have a lemon tree in my yard, so I have gallons of lemonade readily available.

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@Mama_Cakes – how interesting you mention this.. Just today I was talking with a coworker who travels frequently. He’s based in Austin, TX and said when he gets back from a work trip elsewhere by day 2 at home he needs a nap by 2 or 3 in the afternoon. He’s just so tired and feels wiped out for no reason. He attributed it to the several kinds of tree pollen and said it’s at it’s worst right about now. He also said he’ll usually notice a greenish-yellow coating on his car the next day after feeling esp. tired.. (heavy pollen).

If you suspect its spring allergies maybe try taking some OTC allergy medicine (e.g. Claritin or Allegra) and see if after a few days your energy level seems back to usual.

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It isn’t the fresh air, but it could be all the pollens in that air. Trees, grasses, flowers are all releasing pollen after a winter of hibernation. Allergies can produce feelings of great fatigue. sniff

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