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Where can I find information on Holocaust conspiracy theory?

Asked by Hunter144 (117points) April 24th, 2013

I am doing a project for my English class and we have to look up a conspiracy theory, but I am having trouble finding sites about the conspiracy theory. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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If you look up “Holocaust Denial” on a search engine you will be inundated with links.

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All over the internet.

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Talk to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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In the tiny minds of simpletons who also believe the moon landings were staged at disneyland.

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That one may be a little tough because most deniers won’t say it was a hoax or a conspiracy to deceive. They will say that things were simply exaggerated and embellished. Germany had all sorts of work camps at that time period (my own non Jewish family was forced to work in them) and yes, the Jews got the worst camps, but they were NOT meant for extermination. People just died because the diseases that happened to run rampant and medicine was short during the war.

I am not a holocaust denier—I am just saying what I’ve heard from deniers I’ve spoken to. And most of what I heard wasn’t really conspiracy level denial.

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@kenbrooks. Um… How do you explain the gas chambers?

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Sorry I meant to say “they”. Not “you”.

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I’m sure they’d say “Showers! The gas chamber was just a rumor that went around scaring people and now it’s taken as truth.” I am telling you there is a REASON it’s illegal to deny the holocaust in Germany. Many people my grandmother’s age who lived in Germany, had a hard time believing what happened when it was kept secret from the German citizens themselves. My grandmother lived near Dachau and didn’t know what was going on.

As for this, PLEASE don’t ask me lots of details. I am not a holocaust denier. I have just spoken to some and most of them are dead now, so I can’t go and ask for clarifying details.

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No more details. I was just curious what they had to say. Thanks.

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Sorry bout that. I just didn’t want to get into answering questions for the deniers. I think what is hard about the holocaust is that people who were living near the camps and “witnessing” didn’t always know what was going on. And I think some people think that if people living right nearby didn’t know it—then it probably didn’t happen. Most of the holocaust deniers I met thought the Jews were trying to beef up the work camp stories so they could take back Isreal. Since people who lived near the camps had these opinions and voiced them (after emigrating outside Germany, of course) I could see it spreading to Middle Eastern countries and other places who had resentments against Jewish people.This is just a guess on my part. But I could see that happening.

I think it was a lot easier to hide stuff from citizens back during WW2. There was no Internet or even television. In Germany, the papers and movies were all government controlled,the phone lines were monitored and people were even paranoid about talking to their neighbors about anything other than the weather for fear that spies would report them to the Nazis. Also, German (non Jewish) citizens themselves were also getting moved around on trains to work in fields and fix roads. They were moving around too much to know what was going on in their own areas many times. There was an information vacuum back then. Even if you did notice something horrible, you weren’t going to mention it. The Nazi’s took people away for saying stuff like that.

I think it’s hard for people to believe that many German citizens didn’t know what was going on during the war. I think people take our instant global communication and free speech for granted. They have little clue what it’s like not only living in the 1940s but under a totalitarian regime.

I think some older Germans would rather deny it happened because they can’t believe it happened right under their noses and they didn’t notice it at the time. Anti-semitism was also a lot older than Hitler (though he did stretch it out and exaggerate it to the ultimate extreme) I think some of the denial is also that old anti-semitism that most of them would deny they had.

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any theory that claims the Holocaust was a conspiracy – is made by someone who is either confused or stupid – or very sadly – – – EVIL!!!!

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