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How to remove stains from white appliances?

Asked by thebeadholder (872points) June 14th, 2008

Our stove has some stains where it has possibly been opened while broiling. They are above the door and on top of the door. I have tried numerous things to get in clean: bleach, Simple Green, brillo pad and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Perhaps I am doing something wrong? Does anyone have a good solution to cleaning (what I believe are) burn marks off of white appliances?

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Try combining baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice:

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I believe (from personal experience) that burn or scorch marks (yellowish?) are permanent.

SndfreQ’s solution works better than anything, altho I would add elbow grease. Don’t, however, get your hopes up.

I once left a smoking potholder on a white formica counter. Eventually I bit the bullet and got new kitchen counter tops, which I was ready for. Anyone who cooks has a less-than-pristine kitchen. The ones that make it to the magazines have never seen a boiled egg or baked potato.

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