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What is the reason and experience of obsessing over a person?

Asked by tcolucci128 (4points) April 24th, 2013

Obsessing over someone can lead to terrible results. I am curious of why people obsess over things and others. So, in these terms, what do you think about obsession?

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I don’t think it’s something that someone chooses. It’s more like they feel they can’t help themselves.

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People obsess because they feel they can’t stop and also because obsessing feels good to them.

You see it most often in unstable or immature people. And adolescents for sure.

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Something perhaps they wish they had within themselves. But mostly a personality problem. I would imagine though many experiencing new love do it a little or a lot.

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One of my daughters is unstable and , when a man drops her, she obsesses over him and won’t stop calling him. I don’t think it’s that she loves him so much; it’s the rejection she can’t take. Then she calls me and starts whining over these guys and sounding so depressed. It’s as if she didn’t have loving parents who were always home or something worse.

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