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Music....see details?

Asked by becca_x (1points) June 14th, 2008 from iPhone

his guys.does anyone know good songs that are easy listening for a long plane jouney or that also help add to the excitment of going to coldplay type of thing

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Hi becca_x:

Welcome to Fluther! Just a tip: if you use good tags and post your actual question in the Question box (the main question that you ask in the details), then you’re more likely to get a response from fellow Flutherers. Typing “Music…see details?” as the question is considered poor form (although I see this type of format much too often).

Also, if you’re on a computer, try using the search function (box at top right) as there are a lot of discussions on music and road trips; here’s one in particular that may help you in your quest:

As for my personal recommendation, you can try a service like or to research finding bands that are in a similar genre/vein as Coldplay. I’ll try and think of some off the top and post later.

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thanks for that btw! I’m new to this

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This might help you find artists that are similar to Coldplay.

And if you are on a computer you can listen to samples there.

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What are some other bands you’re into? There are a lot of ways this can go, I just want to hone in on what you’re looking for…more pop-oriented, more “rolling” music (jam bands?), or other? Coldplay are pretty pop-influenced rock, but it’s a matter of your point of reference thus the question :)

btw, I pay to subscribe to Rhapsody, and they have a pretty extensive library (4 million or so tracks), and a cool “related artists” column that does the same kind of thing the other sites above do; difference is with Rhapsody, if you have a Rhapsody-compatible player, for a couple of bucks, you can download unlimited tracks to that player. Seems to be the way to go for me lately.

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I’d recommend Razorlight. Great sound, upbeat without being too energetic. You’ll stay cheerful but not to the point of wanting to go jump around.

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Listen to our Muxtape !!! ^_^

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I really like listening to Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons whilst drifting in and out of cloud banks. This definitely falls into the “easy listening” category. I hope you have an enjoyable flight!

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Check out to see what other people who like Coldplay are listening to.

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Once more I must answer “The Beatles”

will some one pleas tell me if I’m spelling that the rigth way.

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Haha, yes you are MelonKing. They spelled it the wrong way.

But “someone” is one word. ;)

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“Sutcliffe suggested the name “The Beetles” as a tribute to Buddy Holly and The Crickets. After a tour with Johnny Gentle in Scotland, the band changed their name to “The Beatles.” Lennon’s first wife Cynthia Lennon suggested that Lennon came up with the name The Beatles at a “brainstorming session over a beer-soaked table in the Renshaw Hall bar.” Lennon, who was well known for giving multiple versions of the same story, joked in a 1961 Mersey Beat magazine article that “It came in a vision — a man appeared on a flaming pie and said unto them, ‘From this day on you are Beatles with an A’”. During an interview in 2001, McCartney took credit for the peculiar spelling of the name, saying that “John had the idea of calling us the Beetles; I said, ‘How about the Beatles; you know, like the beat of the drum?’ At the time, everyone was stoned enough to find it hilarious. It’s funny how history is made”

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what type of music do you prefer??

like genres.. or some bands or artists you enjoy?

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I have a gut feeling that, if you like Coldplay, you’ll really enjoy stuff by Keane. Someone already said U2 and I definitely concur with that also.

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Also try Band of Horses

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