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What is your best physical attribute?

Asked by AstroChuck (37438points) June 14th, 2008 from iPhone

With me, I’d have to say my eyes. They are beautiful and blue, I must say.
Can’t say much for the rest of me, though.

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My brain usually responds pretty well.

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AC From the questions you ask, I’d put brain in there as well, at least the pondering sector of it. Great way to stave off Alzheimer’s. I think you come up with the most steady stream of interesting questions on fluther.

For moi, I’d say hair. I have long golden blonde flowing locks that will probably never turn to grey. Absolutely straight, but I married into curls, so that’s okay. I think the women in my family were given great hair to make up for the lack of it in the menfolk. Or perhaps we are just attracted to the opposite (none or curls).

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Not quite sure. I’d say my belly because I’ve got a few muscles there but not too exaggerated, nicely tinted and not too fat. However, when people call after me it’s probably not because of my belly because they can’t see it, so I’d say my face, don’t know exactly what’s supposed to do the trick though. Then again, I just don’t know what makes men pretty, so I wouldn’t know for myself either :P

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My back and my smile

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I guess my mouth. I make people laugh – sometimes intentionally.

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strangers tell me all the time that i have really beautiful eyes. so that must be it.

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Can’t say in mixed company. ;/

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I have a hole through the septum of my nose (the result of a horseriding accident when I was 8). That may not sound like much, but it made me something of a minor celebrity through my grade school days). I could thread a bent paperclip through it, to popular acclaim. It doesn’t draw much of a crowd anymore, sad to say. No one understands my art.

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My boobs, no doubt about it. They’re only As but they’re effing fabulous, and I wouldn’t get them changed for all the money in the world.

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Either my breasts or my skin.

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That part of the stomach with lines that point to my genitals. The ladies know what I am talking about. They form a “V”.

edit :: lower abdomen.

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Hmm I have a pritty good pinky on my rigth hand, it can… well it can do lots.

Fine I will be boring, it has got to be my eyes.

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delirium does has fantastic breasts. Don’t question their awesomeness, accept them and move on.


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cheekbones are all that’s left since everything else slid south

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let’s say… What’s not beautiful about me?

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people often tells me I have got beautiful eyes while they actually looking at my lips.

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The whole “beautiful eyes” is such an over-used compliment. Let’s face it, anytime you want to compliment someone, without running the risk of being inappropriate or touch on a sensitive subject, you compliment the eyes….of course, there is the remote chance they’ll turn around and say “thanks, it’s actually glass”.

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Hahahahahahaha, why thank you, JP!

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I’ve been told it’s my smile

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My smile and eyes are tied.

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