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Would you buy a bioluminescent plant?

Asked by phaedryx (6129points) April 28th, 2013

Just came across this website:

They currently have a fully-funded kickstarter campaign:

In the future will we replace street lamps with glowing trees?

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I do not think they could fully provide the same type of light that street lights do. It looks like they just kinda function like glowsticks. However, I would buy a bioluminescent plant to put in my house. In fact, I’d buy a bunch and set up a room so I’d feel like I’m in the avatar universe lol

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Rightly or wrongly, I feel uneasy about genetically modified plants. Native plants forever!, or at least as long as possible.

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Do not expect the plant to light up your room. Photosynthesis is remarkably inefficient. It is on the order of 1.5% conversion efficiency. Compare that to a cheap solar cell which is 8–10% efficient. You can buy solar lights for $1.50 that will drive an LED for hours and will be at least an order of magnitude brighter.
If you want the plant for a novelty that is fine.

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I’ve seen some glowing fish and they were kinda cool. I guess they’d need a plant to keep them company.

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Very cool plants! I’d love to have a bunch of them around. As others have said though, they would not be adequate replacements for actual, artificial lighting.

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Those would be awesome for lining your driveway.

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Straight out of my scy-fy dreams, like a magical elven world. I’d buy some for sure!!

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Ohhh fun more genetic manipulation of plants that should never occur.. – _ -

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