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Is 96.8 body temp normal?

Asked by Marieholland (7points) April 29th, 2013

I am in a lot of stomach pain and body temp is 96.8

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I sure hope you mean Fahrenheit, because if it is then it’s just 1 degree below 37—the normal body temperature.

You probably have some sort of mild poisoning I’m guessing. You can search for things that cause mild hypothermia (low body temperature) that are related to stomach pains.
Alcohol poisoning causes hypothermia—have you been drinking a lot?

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Please trust Dr. Google. See a real one.

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Yes, that’s within normal range. If it were significantly elevated it would point to a likely infection.

If you’re in a lot of pain, listen to what Pachy just said and get thee to a physician (or ER.)

There is no way any of us can diagnose you over the Internet.

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That should have read DON’T trust Dr. Google.

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It’s right at the lowest side of normal. When my temp goes below 98, it usually means I am undermedicated for my hypothyroid condition. It doesn’t have to mean something is wrong, but it is an indicator that something might be. Do you have any other symptoms? Very tired dry skin and eyes? Brittle hair that is falling out? High blood pressure?

I don’t think it has anything to do with your tummy since it is a low temperature. Where exactly is the pain? If it is on your right side get to the ER. No matter what if it is very, sudden, pain you probably need to see a doctor.

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The women in my family all have low normal body temps. When we are just awake and still in bed, we can read 96˚ F and be fine. For us this is not mild hypothermia. 98.6˚ is the average, remember.

Do you have any baseline for your usual temperature? It is typically is higher when you are active and as the day wears on.

How about calling your primary care physician now rather than take medical advice from us?

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PS. I have often had a waking temp. of below 96˚ and was fine.

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@gailcalled You said that twice. Did you mean to?

I think the bigger concern is her tummy pain not her temperature, wouldn’t you agree? Unless @Marieholland usually has a higher temp.

Do you even know @Marieholland what you normal temp usually is? It might always be on the low side of normal. Which is still normal.

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For me it is. That is what I have run most of the time when it has been taken, has been that way for as long as I remember and I am still kickin’.

But it wouldn’t hurt you to check out the other stuff.

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98.6 is an average normal body temperature – individuals can be somewhat lower or higher (I run cool). But as always, medical concerns are best answered by your doctor.

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The OP says ninety-six point eight and not ninety-eight point six. That’s nearly two degrees below what is generally considered “normal.” Isn’t that a little bit outside the expected range? I thought plus or minus one degree was about the limit for normal.

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@Jeruba I think some of the answers were thinking she wrote 98.6, but many of them we read it right. It’s the low side of the normal range. If I remember correctly temp taken in the ear runs a little lower than when it is taken orally. I don’t know how the OP took her temperature. She would be shivering I think if she was having a serious problem, @Rarebear can correct me if I am wrong on that.

If the OP usually has a higher nornal temp then I think it might indicate something has changed, otherwise it is her nornal state probably,

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I have always come in much lower than 98.6, sometimes as low as 95.9 (by mouth). That is within the normal range. My sister is the same.

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My normal has been 96.8 to 97 my entire life. I am not sick nor have I ever been sick.

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@Jeruba I read the question correctly.

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She also said that she is in A LOT OF stomach pain.

Isn’t that the more significant of the two bits of info. and indicates being seen by an MD. ?

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Of course. I wasn’t answering about the stomach pain. I am merely pointing out that 96.8 is within the statistical realm of what is considered normal body temperature.

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It’s not too low it should be 98.6 if your able to wait make DR. Appointment or even talk to the nurse over the phone but if its really bad you should just go to the ER.

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