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Food basket for new moms in Seattle?

Asked by Supergirl (1696points) June 14th, 2008

My best friend just had her first baby and I have heard in other cities of companies that will deliver a comfort food basket with meals ready to bake. Anyone know of this or something similar in Seattle?

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cheebdragon's avatar and pretty much every major flower delivery website (one that you have probably seen a commercial for on tv) they have gift baskets of all kinds also that they will deliver, and the prices are usually lower than you would expect…
Let me know if you need the actual links
; )

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There is a wonderful organic food delivery service that I have used on and off again when I lived in Seattle for 30 years. It’s called Delicious Planet ( Perhaps you can ask them to “doll up” the delivery package. Yummy food! I also know several personal chefs if you need names/numbers.

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One great thing to do would be to organize her friends to take turns making a meal for your friend. They will probably be happy to do it, it will be a community building activity, and it will help your friend. Next time, she can do it for another.

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