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What do I need to buy to make Sangria for a wedding reception?

Asked by Pietro (65points) June 14th, 2008

We will have 140 people at our wedding reception and are doing our own bar. We will have beer, wine, mojitos and sangria. What do I need to buy, how much of it, and what is a good recipe?

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I stand by this one, but I’d probably add a little brandy and Chambord to taste.

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What ever you are buying keep in mind it’s better to buy extra rather than run out!

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go to a brazilian grocery they always have really nice sangria.

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Sangria is all about the person making it!

You can add other liquors like brandy, or just use straight wine.

The best part of sangria though is definatley the fruit!

There is an unlimited number of recipes…

Some tips:
-Oranges and/or orange peels
-Sprite! (gives it a little sweetness, and the carbenation makes it like sparkling wine!)
-Apples (i personally prefer thinly sliced, but any way you want is also good)
-Some lime or lime juice
-Maybe strawberries

And I usually stick it all in a punch bowl and let it sit in the fridge over night because then all the flavors are realease.

The thing that is nice about sangria is that you can use pretty much any kind of wine, even the cheap boxed wine because the fruit will totally transform the flavor.

I think that red sangria is best, but if you are a white wine fan you can use that too. Crisp flavors like green apples, lime/lemon will do well… and again sprite!

as for how much, you will have other drinks, so a large punch bowl or 2

here is a great web site for many recipes, but go with what you like!

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A really good Sangria you can make is to use white wines ( try sweeter ones like Niagra’s, I am not a huge wine buff though. White Zin is good too) peaches, oranges, and then just make it your own. Add some fruity liquers. Mango or Orange vodka, Gand Marnier or Cointreau (sp?), or other things of that nature. To be honest it’s pretty hard to mess up Sangria haha. Good luck!

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My mom makes a cheap, homemade version of sangria using boxed red wine (although I’m sure any kind of wine, box or bottle, would work), orange juice, and seltzer water. Nothing fancy, but it’s yummy, and for a wedding of 140 it would be a cheap alternative to using a lot of mixers that can get pretty pricey!

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IMO brandy, and 86 the apples, they just take up space in the glass.

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@alive Thanks for the link and your recipe. I love sangria but never knew how to make it. Guess I’ll be getting toasted this weekend. :D

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