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Why do cats love to rub themselves all over sweaty clothes?

Asked by stuff12 (245points) June 14th, 2008 from iPhone

my cat loves to grind her face into my sweaty work clothes, its like catnip or something

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Pheromones man pheromones.

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I concur with cooksalot!

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Don’t YOU love to do the same?

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Actually she wants to put her smell on your clothes instead of smelling your smell.

From cat behavioral consultant Marilyn Kreiger:

” * Marking you—or another pet—as “Mine!” When cats head-bunt or rub cheeks on humans, it is often to mark you as their own. They will also mark a fellow feline this way. “Pheromone is a scent chemical, but it also helps cats with bonding behavior,” Johnson-Bennett says. “If two cats know each other and are friendly, they will engage in scent exchange. It helps the colony to have one familiar scent.”

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Your cat doesn’t like it when you try to reclaim property from it. You and all of your stuff belong to your cat.

dog person

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Naturally Marina is right. Cats’ wish to own everything also extends to
their humans, of course, and that is why they rub you with the tops
of their heads. They have a little gland up there somewhere that they can
use to mark you. MINE, says the mark.

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cuz they feel like it.

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I used to think it was a “in heat” kinda move.

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I read once that animals in the wild will rub themselves on things that have scents on them for two reasons.
1. Because they are claiming the area back by trying to rub their scent. (which you can tell if the cat is rubbing the clothing with the side of his head and neck using its glands)
2. To smell like the other animal if the other animal is viewed superior so to cover its scent when it is down wind of this superior animal. (For a cat, it may role in the scent)
Since cats don’t view us as superior, it probably is trying to claim its area or at least you. That is why they rub up on people. They leave their scent to let other cats know you are their property.

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Because she “lurves” you?

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