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What is considered a good "user score"?

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) July 6th, 2007
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i would say anything above 150. The highest flulther score i have seen is 180 and the average seems to be around 130

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Someone has a 196 ish

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i just saw than andrew has a 203

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I noticed that it seems to go up relatively quickly at first, perhaps based more on frequent logons.. but my guess is that at around 100, it might start to be based slightly less on logging on, and slightly more on having questions rated, or sending questions to friends, etc.

again.. that's only what it appears to do.. just because people seem to slow down for a bit around 100.. but who knows. the pattern could just be an epiphenomenon, for all I know.

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I'm desperately chasing andrew at 197 (as of this posting)...

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*sigh* My score is pitiful!

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Heh. I don't think anyones scores are "pitiful". Some of us have been here longer, and some of us check fluther every hour. As long as you check occasionally and try to answer questions, you should be fine :D

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I saw some with 600+ :-S

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Even 700 :-)
But I just realized that these scores were 2 months ago. Hehe…

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As of November 29, 2007, some folks are up over 1000 points now. Is there a ceiling?

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Nope. You can keep picking them up FOREVER. :)

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