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Where are all the baby pigeons?

Asked by AstroChuck (37560points) June 14th, 2008 from iPhone

You see ducks with ducklings, and hens with their chicks, and other birds with their babies in their nests. So where are the baby pigeons? I’ve never seen one. Where do pigeons keep their nests, anyway?

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hmm very good question??????

i see them everywhere but i never saw a baby pigeon.. how weird

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maybe hey come out of the disease filled sewers when they’re adults. or its possible that pigeons give birth now?!?!

or, the government invented pigeons so that they can monitor us. they’re everywhere, and no one ever pays attention to them. theres also no pigeons in europe, so that could be an international law breach.
this is pure sracasm

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By the time they come out the nest, they look full grown, so you don’t notice them.

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@zack Amsterdam has pigeons…
I’ve seen pigeon eggs and nest but no baby pigeons…

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Oh, AC One place they nest is in our California red tile roofs. We had one nest in ours, dam it up, it sprung a leak into our garage and I just happened to notice the leak on the inside (our garage is finished inside). It was about a $300 repair on what was supposed to be a 99 year roof.

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Maybe they have been eating too much rice

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My guess is that they lay very large eggs. As soon as it hatches, it’s full grown: it has the same amount of feathers and same pooping potential as a normal adult pigeon. Since these eggs are so large, the female just flops over from giving birth to such a large child.

*i have absolutely no scientific evidence to back this up.

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Why do we want to see baby pigeons? They would be an indicator of an increase in the pigeon population.

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We don’t see baby pigeons because the international bird society has set up strict rules for pigeons to follow or else they’ll be expelled from such acclaimed organization. Since full grown pigeons are slow in everything they do and are way too friendly with people they are easy target for prey. You see birds have better organizations to protect their species, not like us humans. Something to learn from them, huh!!

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In NYC, pick an elevated subway train station and look around for pigeon perched high above underneath it; concentration of pigeon-droppings in the area another sign to look for for their presence. Pigeons look for places that will protect their young from predators (cats, rats). Look for pigeons flying into column tops, exposed iron beams, nooks in the platform cover.

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I’ve always assumed the pigeons here in NYC are just like alot of the humans. The adults just commute in from Jersey and Long Island. They leave the babies back home. hehe.

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@edmartin101 Me: Palm to forehead! Union rules. I should have known that. I have known for years that there are only a few steelhead, all members of the Fish Actors Guild, who appear on magazine covers and do outdoor shows like Bill Dance, but are never actually encountered in the wild by a fisherperson like me who got up at odark thirty to stand in a freezing Glacial runnoff river or stream in chest waders. So it make sense that pigeons would have a similar professional organization.

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@Marina Is the Fish Actors Guild organization Democratic or Republican?

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@edmartin101 They lke to keep in a fin in both I suspect.

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@ed: Neither, they are all FINnish therefore are not eligible to participate in US elections.

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Eaten! (Or hiding in fear from people who want to eat them.)

Just learned recently that a baby pigeon that hasn’t learned how to fly yet is called a squab. Yeah. Sound familiar? They’re usually on the menu at your local chi-chi restaurant. I guess “baby pigeon with an apricot wine reduction” just wouldn’t fly.

Okay, but seriously? I think it’s just because they’re an urban bird and they know that people are assholes. Kind of had to become really good at hiding their nests. In my entire life, I have only seen baby pigeons ONCE. I was so exciting, I went home and told all my friends about it.

They were not as excited.

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I have seen this question asked before and some smart aleck suggested that the birds that we see are the babies and that the question should be about where the adult birds go.

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