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There's something wrong with my ps3, can you please help me?

Asked by shrubbery (10311points) June 15th, 2008

Ok so I had it plugged into my HD TV with an HDMI cable. My mum moved the ps3 and the HDMI cable broke, the wires pulled out and stuff. I thought oh well bad luck no more HD I’ll just go back to the red/white/yellow cable BUT I put it in and that didn’t work either! I tried a different tv too but it still didn’t work. As in everything was plugged in properly and turned on and the TV was turned to AV as usual but nothing came up on the screen. I mean the settings were set up for HD, the resolution and everything, as was automatically set when I first plugged in the HDMI cable. I guess I need to change the settings to go back to red/white/yellow but it doesn’t really help if I can’t see it in the first place, should it do it automatically like it did for the HDMI? Is it something I’m doing or do I need to take it in to get looked at?

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you have to reset it…..hold the power button down when you first plug it in and hold it down untill a light flashes (around 30sec)

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Thankyou so much, that’s such a relief. I have two friends who use Fluther and they said to me no one will help you, but I said just you wait, cheebdragon will, and you did! Thankyou!

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I didn’t say no one would help you! I just laughed when you seemed so certain cheebdragon would show you the way. Obviously, cheebdragon, I underestimated your skills!

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