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Impact of climatic effects on Indonesia's economy....?

Asked by 717richboy (234points) May 6th, 2013

Indonesia has at least 150 active volcanoes. Monsoons are also common. But amidst all of this, Indonesia seems to be thriving economically. Does Indonesia’s climate impact its economy at all, if so, how?

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Maybe they don’t have a lot of safety regulations other places do and they have the “damn the torpedoes” mentality and just go for it. American workers are pussies compared to other productive economies in the world. You tell them there is a chance there will be some danger near they all dive under their desks and wait for the all clear that everything is just right again, so they can safely continue.

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Maybe, because of the global financial crisis, more people are buying at Cost Plus.

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Are you sure about the thriving part @woodcutter? I think that they have a large percentage of the population that are in the day to day mode of survival and a small group of rich elites who control much of the business and government but I have never thought of the masses as “thriving”. I believe the climate does and will have even more of an impact as the the ocean levels continue to rise and the yearly weather cycles continue to have greater swings toward the extremes.

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Indonesia is a group of islands which straddle the equator. Global warming will mean higher ocean levels. I suspect large parts of the republic will flood permanently. Their main industry is manufacturing and I suspect that a high number of factories will eventually be under water.

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@rojo Thriving? I don’t think I mentioned that but maybe i did.

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@woodcutter my bad, I meant to address it to @717richboy. Not sure how I made that mistake but let’s assume that the cheap gin had something to do with it.

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