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Can someone help me with this Mac problem?

Asked by dxs (15160points) May 6th, 2013

After a while, the sound on my Macbook Pro stops working. I don’t know if it is a setting or a defect or what, but after as little as a few days, the sound stops working and I have to restart my Mac.
Here are a couple hypotheses:
1. I keep plugging in and taking out headphones from the jack.
2. I use audio very frequently.
3. It has been dropped at least twice onto a wooden floor from a coffee table. (Neither of those times by me, may I add)
Is it bad that my computer only sleeps at night? Should I be shutting it off? I’ve had my Mac for just under two years now, and it works fine. It’s a valued possession so I’d be devastated to lose it.

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Other than attaching the people who dropped the headphones onto the floor to the rack and cranking it up, how about calling Apple-support? 1–800-MY-APPLE Worth the $20 that they charge you, I have found. (Ask me why I have the number committed to memory).

The last time I called them, I got over an hour and a half of amazing help; it took a while but they finally solved what they said was a rarely seen problem.

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If you live near a an apple store, they will help you diagnose it for free (assuming you don’t have Apple Care, it will still cost you to fix it).

I would guess the use of audio, headphone jack and sleeping are not related. Given restarting consistently fixes it, it’s possibly a software issue, which would be the easiest to fix, though perhaps not as easy to track down.

If you have the cd that came with your Mac, you should try to do a hardware test:

If you find nothing is wrong with your hardware, then you might want to try reinstalling your os (which is a pain, but could also speed things up).

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If you look in the headphone jack can you see a red light?

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@phaedryx I don’t see a red light.

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I always turn off my Mac at night.

As for the sound, it may be a failed or failed part, but in any case, I agree with everyone who suggests contacting Apple. You might also check to see if there’s an Apple-licensed shop or individual tech in your area. I use one and he’s always solved my problems.

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