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The library on the ground floor of the Mansion needs a resident librarian. I think we just got one!

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21450points) May 6th, 2013

Well done Keobooks! Keep going on to the next 10K!

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Congratulations, @keobooks! Though I always think of you as Marcie. :)

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Welcome to the Mansion!
Drinks & pancakes are being served in the library.

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Congratulations! :) Okay so now we have to create a board game in your honor. Congrats, and cheers. :)

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Nice job @keobooks!
reeeeaaaalllll niiiiiiiccccee

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Good job! We have a lot of readers, as I imagine you have figured out. I, for one, hope you won’t object if we pick your brain now and then.

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS * * * GOOD WORK * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Congratulations @Keobooks With the trials you are facing, I am so glad we found a job you’re perfectly fit for.

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Hey @keobooks. Congrats on the 10K!
We have everything laid out for you so you can enjoy the party without having to look for anything.
Relax and let us do some lifting for you. We’re happy to help.

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Congrats, Keo! You’re a great jelly. :)

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Congrats Keobooks! Love your point of views and always smile when I see your avatar.
The party is in full swing, the band is playing and drinks are flowing. Come on in and sit a spell.

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Congrats! Glad you’re here!

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Huzzah keobooks! Congratulations.
I’ve brought a sweet fort made of history books for your office.

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I’ll read that book. Congratulation !

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Mazel Tov @keobooks!

Great to have another librarian in the collective. After the party can you help catalog the Squishy books?

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I’m so glad you migrated here from Askville! You’re a wonderful, intelligent, humorous woman and a terrific mom. Enjoy the mansion!

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It’s a pandemic! Congratulations!

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Hey, good for you. It’s really big time partying this week.

Keep up the good work.

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Congratulations! I lurve librarians!

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Congratulations!! Glad you’re here!

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Congratulations! I’ll bring the burritos!

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Congrats Keoboks!

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Thanks everyone. It brings a smile to my face to know that folk have read my posts here and made me feel so welcome. Thanks for asking awesome questions and thanks for giving great answer to my questions. I appreciate it quite a bit.

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Congrats on reaching 10k! You’re an awesome addition to the collective. :-)

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Congratulations! and welcome to the 10K Mansion.

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Congo Rats to a wonderful contributor! You help make this site rock!

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A friend of books is quite delightful companionship. Congratulations!

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10Kongratulations @keobooks

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@keobooks Sorry I missed this. I love books and librarians. They bring the world to us without ever leaving the room. I used to spend days with my grandmother when she was our village librarian. Congrats on the10K.

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@wilma Nice to see you.:)

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Congrats @keobooks! You’re a great read and whenever you publish a post, I’ll always check it out!

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