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two words: cheese. beer. (and lots of them)
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oh, and sausage
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add five months of crummy weather to the mix.
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And a lack of fresh produce. It's very difficult to eat healthily in the Midwest.
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You don't have the sort of cultural pull to work out and be skinny in cities like you do in New York or (for or worse) LA
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the weather, the fried cheese curds for sure. but there is plenty of fresh produce in the midwest all winter long (some of us have actually lived there). the bigger issue is not leaving the house, esp. if you live in the suburbs and it's cold *and* boring.
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There is good fresh produce in the less remote areas of the Midwest (Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison). Trying to find salads other than older iceberg head lettuce or any of the more unusual produce is practically impossible in, say, most of Upper Peninsula Michigan. It's a function of 2 factors, demand (since they've done without so long, people in these areas have gotten used to fresh produce only during the local harvest season) and length of supply chain (are you gonna send a truckload of kiwi to Escanaba? Will it be mush by the time it gets there?)
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Wow. I never saw this question before. Why are people so fat anywhere? too much food.

People in Wisconsin are no fatter than anywhere else in the USA.

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Why are people in LA so fake?

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