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I'm trying to sell all my DVDs. Where can I find the most fair price?

Asked by serenityNOW (3643points) May 8th, 2013

I have about 200 or so DVDs I want to sell. I sold some of the here but the prices seem rock-bottom. So, I set one box-set up to sell on Amazon, but I have to go to the UPS store/pack it up, etc. The idea behind that is that they list it used, but I only get money when someone buys it, Amazon gets a cut, and it could take a long time to actually sell it. Maybe there’s something I’m missing? I’m happy as hell to get rid of them; I don’t expect to get rich off of them, but I’m trying to de-clutter and generally just get rid of my excess crap. I’m sure someone has experience doing this. So: fair price/easy shipping/relatively swift payment…

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Here’s the challenge: “The most fair price” is somewhat relative. What you think that they may be worth may not be the same as how others feel. Here’s an example…I really wanted my partner to see Breaker Morant. It wasn’t available on cable or Netflix and it wasn’t for sale in the local DVD store. We bought a copy online for, let’s say $15. When we attempted to resell it, the buyer had little interest as he knew the the demand would be low, if it even existed.

If your goal is to make a few bucks while de-cluttering the house, plus keep it low maintenance, then just take them to a local used DVD shop and negotiate. If you want to make the maximum amount of money possible on the sales, it will take research, good marketing and patience.

Or…you could do what I did when I was decluttering. All board games were donated to a retirement home and almost all books were given to the library. If one person experiences a happy moment from any of them, then it was worth the monetary sacrifice. And the thought of a group of elderly people huddled around my old Ouija board is just too hard to resist.

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eBay (run with the market) you go into a shop they’ll pay less

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I’m with @pleiades – Ebay is the closest thing to a free and unregulated market. See what your titles have sold for on Ebay, and then adjust for the condition of your DVDs.

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Before going to eBay, consider renting a table at a local flea market. You’ll get cash in pocket for those transactions. Then turn to eBay for whatever you didn’t sell there.

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I agree with hearkat.
I got rid of a lot of things easier at a Flea Market.
The DVD’s left over I gave to the Community Library.
You could give all to a charity , get a receipt and use it as a decuction.(Charity check the limits).

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