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What kind of car alarm do I have and how do I turn it off?

Asked by Russter (242points) May 10th, 2013

I need to figure out what kind of car alarm I have so I can disable it. Every time I turn on the car it starts honking at me. Locking and unlocking the car doesn’t seem to turn it off.

I think this is maybe my car alarm under the steering wheel? (see the little black thing with the red light dot on it?):

It’s a Toyota Camry 1997 but don’t know if that helps because I called the dealership and described it and they said it’s probably not a factory installed one.

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Call a car alarms shop in you area, BUT first check to see if the battery has gone. Low voltage will trigger some alarms. I don’t think Toyota had an alarm system in 1997.

Do you have a key fob for key-less door opening?

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I found this online

Or this link for aftermarket

I hope it works for you. My neighbor’s daughter has an older Camry and the alarm goes off every time a squirrel farts. It makes me hate her although I’m sure she’s a perfectly nice girl.

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