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What is the easiest way to import these (legal) MP3 files on to the SD card in my Samsung Galaxy Tab ? (See Details)

Asked by Buttonstc (27597points) May 11th, 2013 from iPhone

There is an IOS app called Mixer Box which allows one to get just the MP3 files from YouTube videos and organize them into playlists.

Obviously searching for and setting up these lists is rather time consuming. I have started a few lists by genre but have paused and realized that all this work could go down the drain for any one of several reasons.

It’s not as if its unheard of for data to be lost after an upgrade ( commonly game scores but could be anything really.)

So I would like to have a backup on an alternate device and my Android tab’s SD card would be perfect.

Since they’re all legal files, I’m assuming its ok to ask about this. Hopefully some of you multi-platform tech savvy jellies can drop me a clue. Thanks.

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Get a SD Card converter, stick it into your computer SDHC reader then drag mp3s from your computer into the SD Card.

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Ripping mp3s from YouTube to obtain copyrighted material is not legal by any means. You might as well be asking how to save your “legal” pirated movies to an SD card…

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