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Would Scotland be better off being independent?

Asked by Hamish (8points) May 12th, 2013

Would Scotland make it on her own?. Breaking away from the Union would create more jobs, improve their living standards and create a better relationship with the rest of the UK. There would be less of the scrounger attitude from the south as they would not have to give, nor receive, any more of the so called shared wealth.

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I think Scotland is too small to make it in today’s world economically.

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It’s similar to what we debate here in the US about some states breaking away. I think Scotland would do well on it’s own except for foreign relations and banking. Scotland has a lot of income possibilities to keep to itself, but needs to be part of the UK for a sound currency and defense.

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Breaking away from the UK means, to say the least, untangling centuries of shared government machinery and going through a whole new EU admissions process, a process the UK would have veto power over Do you keep the pound sterling? Join the euro? Well, you may not have a choice but to join the euro.

You seem to answer the question for yourself, though I don’t see how those claims are anymore than talking points. Sure, those things could happen, but the hurdles are tremendous.

@marinelife: are Belgium and Luxembourg too small?

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We don’t know and that uncertainty makes a vote for independence unlikely. The Scottish economy is doing fine just now but oil and gas income will decline at some point and I’m not sure what will replace it.

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Financially, no, I don’t think its economy would be sustainable if it was independent.

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Economically speaking; I have no idea. But it seems to me for the majority of peoples on the floor (type of thing)...that it’s more about just sticking two fingers up to the UK – ergo England. maybe I’m mistaken

If we can say that they wouldn’t be economically better off, I personally don’t see what the fuss is about and can’t we all just get along nicely??!! :-)

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Yes, if Glasgow is better off being independent from Scotland.
Otherwise, no.

If Scotland claims the right to be independent from the UK, it must grant all parts of Scotland the same right.

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In the long term no. Scotland what ever some people say on here is not that a wealthy country whose two Banking systems i.e. The Royal Bank of Scotland and the Halifax Bank of Scotland were the cause of the British Banking System failures and almost bought the whole financial systems to near collapse.

Whisky and oil will not be enough to sustain it financially long term as the oil has a commercial life of only 30 years.

According to the Office of National Statistics Scotland exports just over 54 billion pound sterling of goods to the rest of the United Kingdom.

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