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Is anyone else continually getting the Salmon Bot?

Asked by delirium (13705points) June 15th, 2008

Ugh, the teenage part of me is HIGHLY amused by it and wish that I would stop getting mean people. explains what i’m talking about to those who are clueless.

The thing that is weirding me out is that I don’t USE livejournal. I had an account back when I was 14…. but I haven’t even touched it since then.

Dunno where it found me.

(I am willing to bet that there will be n00bs because of this post. Its really going around, and fast. And apparently has broken out of livejournal so it might be moving even faster. The only thing that I’ve recently posted with was deviantart. Maybe it ‘found’ its way in to there… hmm… time to run some tests…)

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My answer to your question is NO, since I don’t use AIM or Livejournal. But, I found reading your post and learning about the bot rather interesting. Learn something new about technology every day!

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Ah, here’s a better explanation of it:
“Project Upstream

Recently, within the communities in which TheGreatHatsby used to operate, a new set of bots that are colloquially named the “Salmon bots” have appeared. These bots behave similar to TheGreatHatsby[1] but claim no relation to them, rather belonging to a secretive group called Project Upstream. Its opening lines are variable, but the bot itself always uses AIM screen names of the form of ”<adjective>salmon”.

The Salmon bots show behaviors unique to themselves such as not consistently filtering screen names or key details but doing so on a case-by-case basis. Similarly, they apply filters on the text sent through the bot on a case-by-case basis, transforming it into, as an example, speech resembling that of an archetypal Pirate.”

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I have an lj account but I haven’t used it forever either. I know I didn’t put my AIM SN as part of my details in the account so I hopefully won’t be getting “salmoned” but if I do, I can now explain it in a calm/rational manner to the other person getting duped thanks to you asking this question! :)

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Oh, I wish I would get salmoned. That sounds like fun!

Thinking that maybe this is like when I thought braces would be fun, too

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i never thought braces were fun, even though my orthodontist tried his best to convince me with phrases such as “are you ready to put on jewelry little girl?”. I really hated that guy.

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