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How do I convince my parents to let me buy a laptop?

Asked by Kuloms (18points) May 13th, 2013

I really need a laptop in order to play the sims 3 and other things. I told my mom that I need to save up my money in order to get one and she basically said no. I feel like she doesn’t think I am responsible enough to buy one but I am a teenager and I am. I need one for homework and other things! I don’t understand why my mom can’t just let me do chores and get an allowance so I could buy something cheap

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Well, as a teenager, you should be allowed to get a summer job, at least with your parents’ permission. Have you tried seeing if they’ll let you do that when school is out? You don’t need to tell them what it’s for.

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I think part of it is generational; my parents don’t understand how computers are really more than a curiosity or something that is required for certain jobs. They haven’t quite figured out how email has largely replaced snail-mail, or that many schools have shifted their curriculum to one that requires a computer. If your parents are anything like mine, they just don’t get it, so you won’t have much of a chance until they understand that we don’t live in the 20th-century any longer.

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How old are you, and is there a computer in the house you can use already? Depending on the answers, I understand your parents’ position. I have three teenagers, and we don’t allow them to have laptops until the Christmas or birthday before they go away to college. My youngest is 15, and she won’t get one for another two years. There are three computers they can use in the house, kept in a public area, and we didn’t want them to be able to go online in private areas.

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Also, [mod says] Minor typo in title corrected via internal edit.

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Heh, I always forget that the Internet is chalk full of instantly available porn, and that’s why parents never want their kids to have liberal access to it. In the old days, we had to wait several minutes for a grainy GIF. :(

Well, can she agree to get you a desktop? If anything, it’s better for gaming.

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The first reason you listed to get a new laptop is to play a video game. I agree with your parents and I applaud them.

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Your mom may be nervous that you’ll use it for things she doesn’t improve of or understand. I agree with @jerv. It may be, to some degree, more a generational issue than a financial one.

I suggest you make the request again in a very adult and business-like way by doing a well-thought out proposal. Outline what you need a laptop for, the ways you will not misuse it, and how much money you’re willing to contribute to the purchase.
And then give her a chance to digest the proposal before you have another conversation.

Good luck!

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How dare the youth play video games. They should be watching TV like good little sycophants.

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@bolwerk Lucky you; all I had was my stepdad’s magazine collection.

I have to agree with @Rarebear here. Even as a grown man, I can’t justify a major expenditure for gaming; my wife won’t letme. You really aren’t selling the idea right. I got my kickass gaming card not to improve my gaming, but because my wife couldn’t stand the stuttering and pausing on Netflix.


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Poor kid, I let my one year old bang around on a 2009 hp laptop model. I would say don’t hold your breath. Try and get a job, just save money. Sooner rather than later hopefully you’ll be able to purchase one on your own. I don’t know what goes on in the mind of a conservative parent so there’s really no guarantee that once you purchase the laptop whether or not they’ll make you return it.

Who’s computer are you on right now?

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We bought our son’s (will be 8 in summer) laptop used through my husband’s IT department at work. If you know an accountant (from a firm, small or large) or an IT person you could nicely ask if they ever sell their used laptops. Tell the person it’s vital for homework and organization, not mainly for playing video games.

Depending on how kind the person you ask is, the laptop will be from $25—$200.

My son’s cost us less than $50. We picked up another one for a family friend for free, when their ancient desktop died. Both laptops are fine for playing games on. As a matter of fact, my son plays Sims, Sims 2, and Sims 3 on his old Toshiba (probably 8+ year old now) plus the expansion packs.

As for how you’ll pay for it: Go door to door and ask neighbors if they need their garage cleaned out, yard raked, babysit or just go get a summer job.

If you’re not picky, you can get the games used on eBay & save money there, too. I’ve purchased all of our games used and have had zero troubles with them.

BTW: Our son’s been using his laptop since about age 2. He’s been actively using it (weekly, now daily) since about 5.

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If you save up the money in advance, you can simply tell your parents you now have the money and you want their permission to buy one. To talk about it in advance is pure speculation.

What are you using to ask this question?

My house has been full of computers since my children and grandchildren were born, so it’s never been an issue here. We supervise their activity when they are young.

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If you have the money, a laptop is small enough to hide, and you don’t need to be an adult to buy one. You could get a small netbook or something.

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Is it possible that, thanks to the UCC, some stores might hesitate before selling a kid a laptop? I never thought about it.

@jerv: well, he did say he’d buy it himself if given the opportunity. Hard to see teh big deal, especially since it’s not just for video games.

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@bolwerk While you and I agree that it’s no big deal, it’s the OP’s parent’s opinion of whether it’s a big deal or not that matter, not our’s. We’re not the ones saying “No!”.

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I would suggest that you convince your parents for buying a laptop for studying purpose. And personally I feel that instead for playing games on laptop you can utilize it in getting information about any topic related to your subjects. This will enhance your knowledge.

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