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Do you have a pet? If so, what do you have and why did you choose it?

Asked by phoenyx (7380points) June 15th, 2008

Or, if you don’t have one, do you think you’ll get one in the future? What would you choose if you could have one?

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A dog. We chose her because she is cute! Oh wait, here’s the real dog, Zoe.

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I am surely repeating myself. But if you have been in the Brazian rain forests for the last 8 weeks, I had a cat thrust on me. My daughter’s cat, Milo, came to live with me on Apr. 18 – a day to remember. Daughter decided to live 3400 miles away, and apparently, cats do not travel well.

We have had our trials by fire escapades – dead birds on rugs, disappearances, serious illnesses, emergency discovery of Vet’s location, big expenses..after a series of misadventures, we have both survived and are beginning to enjoy each other.

He is clean, does not have bad breath, manicures his own nails (on my screens) makes me laugh and isn’t quite as smart as I am, altho I wonder about the learning curve. And, I no longer have mice in the heating ducts of my car. Early Fluther question
And this one

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Well, we have two dogs, Angus and Bleu, and a cat, Sophie.
Angus and Bleu we’ve had since they were puppies. And Sophie was a stray and kind of adopted us. She kept hanging around the house and refused to leave.

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I have a cat. She just showed up one day looking thin and dirty. My door was open and she came in and started playing with my fish tank. She never left. And I am glad she stuck around, I love having her around.

And I have some fish.

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we have 9 fishes, we chose them because I dont like other animals.

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I have quite a few marine animals. I first got into fish when simone54 decided to move to cali so he left me his little 10g tank. I never really thought much of it, then i started stocking it and found out i love fish. I soon graduated to a 55g salt water and a 45g saltwater tank.

The 10g is a brackish tank and holds a mudskipper hes pretty cool because hes an amphibious fish.

The 45g is also a species tank and that holds Vladimir my peacock mantis shrimp hes my favorite and a deadly assassin.

Last my 55g is more of a community tank. It currently has some zoanthids, 10 blue leg hermit crabs ,an electric blue hermit crab, a condy anemone, a coral banded shrimp, an arrow crab, a chocolate chip starfish, a false percula clown fish, and last a psychedelic mandarin

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we have three cats. I have always loved cats. They are very independent and intelligent.

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I have had many pets. I have had lizards, cats, dogs, hamsters, rats, chinchillas, mice, snakes, rabbits, frogs, and Ginny pigs. I just love animals. I want to major in zoology in college.

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I have Mackie, my half English Setter, half Dalmatian and Kobe, my adopted ex-racing greyhound.

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I have a 3/4 Akita 1/4 shepherd from the pound. She’s smart, pretty, funny and kind. I did not choose to have a dog. I always think I don’t like dogs. My husband has always made sure we have one anyway. I always like them. I like this dog the very best of all the dogs my husband ever brought home against my will.
I have a cat, too, a purebred Norwegian Forest Cat with a lot of fur and a sweet disposition.
Neither of these animals is ever sick. The only thing imperfect about them is that they shed great lolling rolls of extra fur all year around.

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and Champion but i dont have a picture of him

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@cheeb So cute!

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We have 2 dogs. A Rottweiler named Dolce and a Pekingese named Bao Bei (precious, treasured, or baby in Chinese) and we have a rather large Macaw named Big Bird.

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Ah i knew i was forgetting one of my pets because hes so damn elusive. I also have a purple reef lobster

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We have 2 gerbails, 1 guinnypig and 1 rabbit because they are just so darn cute and we have a 6 year old daugther that loves pets. So really we got them for her but the rabbit is mine.

Just don’t tell her that

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I have 2 dogs (@ mteutsch-My dog is ZoĆ«, too) and four cats. I’ve had ferrets in the past. I never really chose cats or dogs, I was just raised with them. The ferrets I picked as a teenager because they were really cute and loving whenever I’d play with them in a pet store. I’d recommend them as a pet ONLY if you’re willing to put in a lot of time for play/cleaning/care. They are social animals and don’t like to be alone and they make big messes!
Cats are my favorite, though.

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We have a German shepherd, Max. We chose this shepherd because he embodies what a dog should be: protective, loyal, a family dog, and very smart. He requires a lot of work but because we have invested that time in him, he is the perfect guy for our family.

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I have seven dogs and three cats. One cat showed up and didnt leave and the other two were born from a stray we took in. Three of the dogs were strays or owners lost interest. The other four joined our family when they were puppies because we got lots of love to give

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We have two dogs,Dakota and Bitty. Wealso have two cats, Daniel and Jackson. We had a third cat, Angus who died at the age of 17 on March 18th. I also lost Petey, my prairie dog last year to old age. He was pretty cool, and I miss him a bunch.

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I love my land hermit crabs! I’ve even turned the research I’ve done about their care into a hobby business, creating a line of all-natural pet food products called Crabotanicals.

I also love my red husky. He’s a scaredy-cat, but lovable!

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Got a siberian husky, Ripley, who we picked up at a shelter. Vet told us she’s likely full-blood. She chose us. When we walked through the shelter, she started “yelling” at us. We did some research on huskies and thought we could tolerate the shedding (oh god, the shedding!!). Best dog I have ever had. She talks to everyone who enters the house, and she’ll let you know how her day went. VERY SMART DOG… too smart. Watches you in how you open things (doors, cabinets, drawers). We’d get another in a heart beat.

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