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Is there such a thing as a "clip fed" shotgun?

Asked by VanBantam (161points) June 15th, 2008

Ok everybody I just recently watched Terminator 2 for the nth time this past week. It many post-apocolyptic films, games, books, etc. the charecter is trying to kill baddies and runs out of ammo. Suck
So I ask you, in real life, do clip fed shotguns exsist? If so can a civilian purchase one? I heard that there is probably a law against them considering how devestating a shotgun is already.
Further more if I can get one I’d like to know where so that when I finally get around to stockpiling weapons and food for the end of the world, e.g. zombie uprising, I’d know where to get one.

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Think so. I saw a very funky 12ga shotgun years ago and it may have been clip fed. Will research it and get back to you. It was name brand, but have only seen the one (in a hock shop in Arkansas) and I love guns and go to gun shows frerquently. In the meantime just go with a Mossberg short barreled pump shotgun with a pistol grip. They are legal and a devastating piece with 00 buckshot loads. AKA room broom or street sweeper.

In reference to the Titanic: In the video I saw the holes were damn big!

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I don’t actually know, but for future reference, it’s referred to as a magazine.

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It’s actually called a “box magazine”, traditional shotguns use a “tube magazine”.

The Russian Saiga-12.

California legal Valtro USA PM5

For more shotguns put the terms “box magazine” and “shotgun” into google.

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Full Auto Shotgun (video)

As you’ll see in the video he’s using “drums” initially. But you can also see the magazines/clips on the table next to him.

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@ordosingularis, thank you so much… This is somehting I’ve wondered about but didn’t know for sure for some time now. I am seriously going to look into getting a Valtro shotgun.

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no prob. I too am stockpiling for the zombie uprising. And if you subscribe to the virus theory of zombies (28 days later), which I do, make sure wear a face mask – shotguns can be kinda messy.

Also, keep in mind that tube (or “fixed”) magazine fed shotguns can be semiautomatic. They are called “autoloading shotguns”. I prefer this to a box fed magazine as I can continuously reload after each shot when clearing a room of zombies. With the box magazine fed shotgun you have to remove the clip and add more shells which is a two handed operation. A tube magazine fed shotgun can hold upwards of 10 rounds. Therefore, the box magazine fed shotgun is only an advantage if 1) you have a large quantity of loaded magazines or 2) you are using a drum magazine.

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If the zombies are the slow variety, I expect to do fine with my sword…

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I’m building a house on 10 foot steel pillars so the zombies ca’t get me.

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Hey guys. With my group of friends, I get occasionally called crazy for stockpiling weapons and having a contingency plan (in my triplex no less) in case of zombie attack. But here on the wonders of the Internet, I say that THEY are the crazy ones for NOT stockpiling food and weapons.

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@bodyhead Amen brother.

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the aa12 from blackwater has a 10round clip,and a 20 or 32 round drum mag

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You can buy a marlin bolt action that is box clip fed. There are other variations of bolt, pump and autoloaders that are box clip fed.

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Not as such – clips hold loose rounds together, but magazines feed them into the gun.
The Saiga 12 accepts box and drum magazines.

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All the guns in the world will not save you. How many guns can you shoot at once? LOL You better just get a reloading set up and start stocking up on Amo.. otherwide you will be using those AR’s and shotguns as baseball bats.. LOL

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