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Where to live Atlanta?

Asked by VIP (63points) June 15th, 2008

I going to graduate school at Emory, and i was wondering what is the best place to live in the area. So far i have heard Buckhead is a cool area…but i’m finding that it is kinda spreadout. I like walking to bars, restarants, coffee shops…any suggestions?

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Not sure where exactly Emory is. Do you want to be in walking distance to there also? I love Atlantic Station in midtown ATL. It’s the whole concept of live, work, eat, play. My friends live in Smyrna and it is very quaint but that’s kinda North and pricey. Other than that, not too familiar with ATL (I live in Athens). I spent some time in Buckhead many years ago and am not sure what it’s like anymore. Oh, I forgot, Virginia Highlands is AWESOME…artsy, shops, restaurants etc. Not sure where that is located but not too far from Buckhead I believe). Have you been to ATL? Traffic is a bear. Live as close as you can to where you need to go. Hope this helps :-)

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I love Virginia Highlands. You should check it out.

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I think one of the better places to live in Atlanta is Atlantic Station. Everything is in walking distance with retail shops and grocery all within walking distance. I think that would be one of the few places in Atlanta that meets your criteria.

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virginia highlands and little 5 areas would be perfect for you, real close to emory and walking distance to great bars

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midtown around 14th st

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