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Long-term radiation damage to bowels?

Asked by Tequila (337points) May 21st, 2013

I’m looking for information on late-effects of cancer treatment, particularly to the bowels. I have had radiation to my whole abdomen and chest, as well as abdominal surgery and 4 chemotherapy drugs. I am having a lot of bowel issues 15 years later and having trouble finding relevant information. I meet with my gastroenterologist soon but he’s running more tests. He says surgery is really the only option to treat scar tissue but if I could avoid removing part of my bowel that would be awesome… I’m quite young. Any good websites or medical journals I could read into?

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Yep. I agree, but the only people who will agree with you are in alternative remedies. If your doctors are telling you everything’s fine and your instinct says it’s not, seek out a holistic medical doctor or a naturopath.

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Seek out the opinion of a doctor involved in clinical research and who is very current on the developments in oncology and gastroenterology. You deserve an alternate professional opinion before you seek out non-medical pseudoexperts who lack the knowledge base to advise you on complex medical issues.

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Please don’t take potentially serious issues like these to the alternative medical circuit.

You should only go there when you know for sure that what you have is either not serious or totally hopeless. Either case, please make sure that whatever alternative treatment you are being offered isn’t (too) detrimental to you, your health and your wallet.

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Removing scar tissue should not have to mean removing part of your intestines. If he believes there are adhesions surounding the organs, they just cut and clear the adhesions. I had very bad adhesions connecting my left ovary to my colon. Once release 95% of my gastro pain and complications disappeared. None of my organs were cut, except the skin and muscle to use the laproscopic device. I have 3 little scars.

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