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Where do the Smurfs come from?

Asked by TKR (56points) June 16th, 2008 from iPhone

Where do the smurfs come from!? There all guys apart from the wee blonde one! Has big Papa Smurf been “busy” with her or do they come from somewhere else!? Hehe!

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I think smurfette was originally invented by gargamel then magically changed when she realized just how f*ing smurfy everything was. Maybe they all came that way.

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Yeah, Smurfette was supposed to be a spy, but then the goodness of the Smurfs changed her.

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and we all know they’re really a reflection on communist society, just think about it, papa smurf looks quite a lot like karl marx, he’s even in red, and the rest of the smurfs all have their own unique ability, all are equal, and gargamel is just a reflection of western society, where the smurfs came from, who now wants to destroy it out of sheer jealousy…

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Well u learn something new every day!! Haha!! I never knew that! So basically the proffessor could have created them all!? And now spends his days tryin to kill them!? Oh well big papa smurf has been cleared! :-)

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You see, when a mommy smurf and daddy smurf love each other very much a blue stork comes to visit them.

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When the trailer’s a smurfin’, don’t come a knockin’

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…yo S, Smurf you man!... (ghetto smurfs)
i smurf them here smurfs is going to see themselves a good ol’ smurfin’ (southern smurfs)

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