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I m looking for some music for a graduation video!

Asked by stephen (351points) June 16th, 2008

this video is for a graduation party,i ve got some idea about it, they hope this video could be a little sad, but its hard for me to find a suitable music as the background music of this video,any good recommended? much appreciate!

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Try the band “Air”...they are incredible electronic musicians. Their music is deep, thorough and nostaligic…you can use them for those moments, at least :)

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“Into My Arms,” by Nick Cave. Maybe not appropriate, but I like it…
Plus it’s melancholy and sacreligious.
“Sacredelicious,” to quote Homer Simpson.

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When I graduated, two friends and I borrowed a porsche after the ceremony, and when we started the engine, the drivers’ dad actually had left a cd in the stereo and a post-it in the mirror “congrats, just push play” and it was “God gave me everything” by Mick Jagger, that day I decided that if I ever have children I’ll do the same, and actually is the best song you can hear when you finally graduate, because that is exactlky the way I felt, blessed. so go ahead and think of something to do with the song

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@flameboi , i guess its too old , i even cant find ant download link on the internet, but thanx

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@ Stephen–1 here is the album where the remastered song is, sure you can find it, is not thaaaat old! hey I’m only twentysomething jejeje

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Lessons Learned (some country artist?) was at my little brohter’s grads this year.

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They always played “No Day But Today” from Rent at the school where I used to teach.

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