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Do you know anything about house centipedes?

Asked by mcsnazzy (434points) May 25th, 2013

I just had a house centipede in my room about an hour ago. It had legs that spiked upward and then down and was walking pretty slow for some reason but it freaked me out really bad. I’ve been crying for about an hour and I just got to thinking, why was it in my room? Does anyone know anything about these disgusting creatures and why they are even in my house in the first place? Also, how can I catch them and ensure that they die without having to go near them? Can i set up traps?

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You can spray poison around your home but that’s about it. Read this

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The parents’ house had an infestation of them on the ground level for several years. The majority were found in the utility room that had an open sub-pump and a door to the back yard. It’s no wonder, as these critters need moisture.

So how to get rid of them? We just squashed them when they were spotted. It took a long time to get rid of them though, and it was utterly disgusting. According to this source,

Techniques for eliminating centipedes from homes include drying up the areas where they thrive, eliminating large indoor insect populations, sealing cracks in the walls, and seeking the assistance of an exterminator. It should be noted that they are a non-toxic, safe method of pest control, as a house centipede preys on other arthropods.

My advice is to hunt that sucker down and kill it. It may just be one in the wrong place. Also check for water leaks. If you see a second one, then it’s time to call for an extermination service visit.

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They are speedy little buggers. As long as they stay clear of living areas, they are actually an asset. They are predators that hunt other bugs, and even eat lice and bed bugs. But they have a pair of legs at the front that have stingers embedded, and they can deliver a nasty sting if they feel threatened.

They live outdoors generally in the summer months. They love environments where lots of other bugs (prey) congregate. We have a basement, and they come into it in the New England winters to avoid freezing. I’m quite willing to have them down there eating up less desirable arthropods. But if they venture up into our habitable space, I stamp them out before they crawl into one of our shoes and sting us when we try to put it one.

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Crying? Really?
It is just a little life form doing it;s thing and somehow found its way into your house. Scoop it up in a glass and put it outside and for gods sake get some help for your over reactive

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@Coloma No kidding lol. Someone’s led a far too sheltered life.

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You have the option to spread poison and kill them, of course, but this article might change your mind about your multi-legged would-be friends.

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I used to play with them when I was a kid. Those and millipedes too. Let them crawl around on my hands and arms. I remember they smelled like iodine.

But here is a sight for a natural and safe way to remove centipedes:

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They’re interesting creatures and they are more beneficial than harmful. Then can sting if provoked, so be careful. I found one in my office last fall. Let me see if I can find my question and I’ll send it to you. Don’t get freaked out by life. Study it and understand it and you’ll be more comfortable with it.

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@Adirondackwannabe Exactly! Why do humans presume that other life forms are disgusting and not worthy of living? As if we humans somehow have a right to decide what life forms are worthy of our attention. Pfft!
I love Millipedes, we get some some huge ones around here and they are so cool to watch motoring along.

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scoop it up on a piece of paper and into a cup then thow it outside.

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@XOIIO I haven’t led a what you call “too sheltered life” I have arachnophobia and it seems to extend itself to all crawling creatures in addition to spiders. I can’t help it. My heart races, I cry, I shake, I am up for hours and no matter how many I’ve seen I can’t seem to fix the fear. We’ve had 24 found within a week on the basement floor level. I appreciate your opinion but I cry at a mere picture and I don’t know how to stop that. I’m sorry if that reaction is too extravagant for you.

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@mcsnazzy Ahh

Well, that sucks big time.

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@XOIIO tell me about it

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@mcsnazzy There is help for phobias, get professional help. Do you want your mental/emotional to be health controlled by little creatures for the rest of your life?

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@Coloma I definitely want to fix it. It’s the most awful feeling knowing that a dead bug can take away 4 hours of my sleep and ruin my day. I know you respect bugs life and all but I just got a broom pole thing that has a plate at the end so i can now kill the bugs on my own from a distance. Its a small step but one nonetheless.

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@mcsnazzy That’s what it’s all about, desensitizing yourself. It might help if you try to reframe your fears into a curiosity about insect habits. They are just trying to survive like every species, including us. It’s ‘a bugs life. haha

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