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The png looks bad in IE7 after I change its opacity with javascript?

Asked by stephen (351points) June 16th, 2008

these day i m working on a web app, and i want to design a control panel in it, when i press mouse down on this panel the javascript codes change its opacity(opacity=70,and i can drag it),and when the mouse up it return back to the normal status(opacity=100),
var e=e||window.event;
$(drago).style.filter=“alpha(opacity=”+70+”)”; //ie7 sucks

var e=e||window.event;
theres some pics that show u the detail of this problem:
heres the panel’s normal state:

mousedown in firefox,this is what i want:

but this is what happens in ie7,the black border appears(but i didnt set the “border” attribute in css and js),its sucks:

and mouseup in firefox,return back to the normal staus,looks good:

mouseup in ie7, the black border still exist:

is this ie7 bug? why and how? thanx

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You might like Mootools.
It makes stuff like this a snap!

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@breefield, yeah i know that javascript framework, but now i just wanna know what the problem is.

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But if you just ignore the problem you could have the thing working in 5 min with Mootools :p

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Ignoring, Top suggestion! !

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@stephen: hey.. were you able to solve your problem?
i am having the same issue when i try to modify the opacity.

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Just try setting the opacity like this, without the filter.


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