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What is your least favourable physical attribute?

Asked by thebeadholder (872points) June 16th, 2008

AstroChuck asked the flip side to this question yesterday. I was just curious what you liked least about yourself. Would you change anything if you could and what would it be? How extreme would you go to achieve the change and what is TOO extreme (in YOUR opinion). I HATE my teeth. The day I come into some money, I am going to go and get me a set of some new pearly whites!

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oops…is it *favorable?

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I’m gonna answer the same as I did to the other question: Me gab! Sometimes it doesn’t keep shut when it probably should.

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My smile. When I was a kid and my permanent teeth were still forming, our family doc gave me regular doses of tetracycline antibiotics for all my little childhood illnesses, which chemically darkened my enamel. From what I understand, it would take veneers to correct that, and I don’t think I’d ever be able to justify that kind of expense.

I used to be more self-conscious about it than I am now. I’m sure that some people think I don’t take care of my teeth, but I’d just rather not worry about it and grin away.

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My feet. Kinda long and boney. I do, however, like to have them played with. Slighty tickelish, so I’d miss them if they were gone!

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My feet too, I’m almost ashamed to get a pedicure. Years and years of tennis do not do me any favours, mention it to any other tennis player and they’ll know what I’m talking about!

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My uvula. Sooo distracting when I’m singing the Star-Spangled Banner at the mirror.

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my hairyness

no, seriously

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I hate my neck/jaw. Someday I will repair it.

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Sometimes my widow’s peak make me look like Eddie Munster. I hate being called Eddie Munster.

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Im skinny as a rail. I have muscular legs from running, but lack in the arms. I have tried lifting before but it doesnt really work too well to make my arms look bigger. Cause honestly they are quite toothpick like. My wrist is only like 6 inch around maybe. So I guess I would like to have less skinny arms. (And whiter teeth)

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I’m shorter than I would like to be.

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