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How many relationships have you had before marriage?

Asked by ShaChris23 (318points) May 27th, 2013

How many serious relationships, boyfriends, or girlfriends have you had before marriage?

Just curious. Thanks.

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I’d really only had two. I was relationship adverse for a long time, as a then active alcoholic, I was not interested in being with someone who might interfere with my drinking.

When I was in college, I belonged to a fraternity, so we had a lot of social things going on, but it seemed like most of us, both men and women, were resistant to being paired off and preferred the opportunity to date lots of people and explore a variety of sex partners (this was in the 70s).

I was 29 before my first really committed relationship that lasted more than a few weeks, we were together almost two years. And then I was in another with a woman I dated off and one fro about a year before she and I were considered as a couple, but that only lasted another six months. I started dating my future wife (now ex) about three months later.

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Not enough!

Just kidding, I adore my wife (second marriage).
To answer the question, though, there were a couple dozen, including a first marriage, and a few fairly serious relationships lasting multiple years, before I settled in with my current spouse.
We’ve been together over eighteen years now.

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If you are talking about sexual relations, before my first marriage (I was very young) none.

Between my first and second marriage, a spell of six years, I did make up for lost time. Several serious ones and many brief, light-hearted flings. (It was the dawning of The Age of Acquarius remember.) When I remarried, at age 35, I felt that I had gotten all that out of my system and had gotten the point.

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Before I got married the first time I never had a relationship last more than 6 months. My first husband died after 7 years of marriage. I only dated two or three guys very casually before I married my current husband and we have been marries 23 years in August.

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Before my first marriage at age 19, I had 2 serious relationships, many casual relationships and too many one-nighters to count. This was all in pre-AIDS, post-sexual revolution time. It was (mostly) a lot of fun!

My first marriage ended amicably after 17 years (20 years together). I only dated one guy afterward, and ended up marrying him a year and a half later. We’re going on 8 years, now. I guess I sowed all my wild oats very early on.

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I’ve never been married. I have had 3 relationships that I would consider serious.

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I will have to ask Vegeta, hang on a second…
yep, it is over 9000.

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Serious? About six. Two of which i lived together with for over two years.

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My first marriage was my first serious relationship. He chose alcohol before family, so that only lasted 10 years. After divorce my next serious relationship lasted 7 years; we were both still immature and insecure; despite a strong love, neither of us were relationship material then. I took some time to work my own issues out, and dated a bit, then had another relationship that was serious but short-lived – he had made many recent changes in his life, and I was a part of that phase, but he wasn’t really ready to be serious. Then I found my best friend and sweetheart. We are incredibly compatible and in nearly 4 years have only had one misunderstanding that became a minor tiff. From that we learned to communicate better to avoid misunderstandings. We are engaged, and will get married some day, but there is no rush because we are already married in every sense but legally.

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Lots! I started dating at age 16, and I didn’t get married until age 34. When I met Paul—it was love at first sight, and it’s still going strong—I was very ready to settle down.

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Met my wife at sixteen, married her at twenty-five; nine years of dating in-between.

We’re married seventeen years this year.

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@cookieman What a lovely story! May your next 50 years together be just as happy.

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Two. One in HS, one in college, before I married my first husband. I didn’t have any serious relationships after the divorce (10 years) until I met my husband now, Rick.

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My partner was my first serious/real relationship. We are not married on paper though.

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Marriage? What’s that?

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I had two serious boyfriends in my teens before I married at age 20 (he was my third). And a few not so serious ones. During my separation twenty years later I had one semi serious and one casual . Then I married my second husband and we’ve been together 25 years.

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One, and I am engaged.

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Three that lasted several years and two that lasted just under two years.

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I kind of wish I had more sometimes.. I met my fiancee 3 years ago when I was 22 and now we’re engaged and I’m 25. The upshot is I wasn’t too too young when I met him, but those were still very formative years of my life. He’s good at providing me the freedom to do the things I want to do like go out, see friends, my hobbies, etc…. I would really have regretted being with him if he wasn’t. It’s kind of weird but I started doing a lot more when I met him because I became connected socially to his circle of friends.

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