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I smashed my pointer finger yesterday on a rock and it is swelling and what can I do to stop the swelling?

Asked by Tigersnturtes (7points) May 28th, 2013

It is swelling and what can I do.I can bend it but hurts is it broken

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You can try some ice, but ice is best within a few hours of the hit. Don’t put the ice directly on it. You can put some ice and some water in a ziploc bag and rest it on your finger so it is cold. Can you move it without increasing the pain? Are you sure it isn’t broken?

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Probably a bad sprain and ice may help, but if swelling continues, see a doctor. It may be broken.

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Is the nail discolored? Did you drive your finger straight into the rock jamming it or did the rock hit on top of the finger damaging it lengthwise?

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When the swelling goes down and the pain lessens, pinch the finger. If it’s broken you will find a definite very sharp pain at the break site. It might be more efficient to see a doctor ASAP.

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