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Where should you move when Global Warming really kicks into high gear?

Asked by ETpro (34584points) May 28th, 2013

Yesterday, I asked about living locations currently unlikely to be hit with a natural disaster. But the disaster map will be shifting as global warming swings into high gear. We can expect a major rise in sea level as polar ice and world glaciers melt. This will completely flood most coastal cities and the flooding will extend well inland up the tidal zones of rivers. We can expect more and greater weather extremes. According to computer models of climate change, jet stream locations will shift. Such shifts will lead to some areas being isolated from normal precipitation by, and thus to major expansion of desert conditions and to massive wildfires in tinder dry dead vegetation. Other areas will get far more precipitation than normal, leading to floods in river beds and low-lying areas; and to landslides in hilly and mountainous regions. Monster hurricanes and tropical cyclones will become more numerous and powerful.

Have you given it any thought? Writer, Michelle Nijhuis has, and in her article in Slate Magazine she shares her conclusion. Do you agree? If not Poughkeepsie, what’s your take on a location Global Warming will turn from purgatory to paradise?

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Disclaimerl; I live an hour north of Poughkeepsie. Once you get out of the city limits, the area is really nice, all things considered.

However two nights ago we had a frost; on Friday we’re expecting temperatures in the low nineties. We just had eight straight days of rain, one with hailstones two inches in diameter.

It is what it is. I am staying put and hoping that I will say “Adieu” before things get too bad.

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Alberta, Alberta – where ya been so long?

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I would think North and inland.

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Uphill in San Francisco or Seattle. Both have hills, so while the shoreline will shift, there is plenty to move to. Temperature shift will be moderate because of the calming effect of the ocean water temperature.

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Zeta Reticuli 2. We have a global weather control system. You would have to become slaves and food, though.

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In my opinion the climate does not need to change so drastically, in order to wipe out humanity.

Look at that town that was hit by a tornado recently. Do you think that town is back to normal now? Nop, it is still a pile of rubble, and that was days ago that it happened.

Look at Katrina, years later, there is still devastation and things being cleared up, and a lot of work left to do to get it back how it was.

So, really, we don’t need the planet to be a giant ball of earth quakes and storms and strange weather to kill us off. All we need, is a major event every month or so, and it will soon outpace our capacity to rebuild, and we will slowly drift back in to the stone age.

We don’t need an hourly tornado, we just need one every couple months. Almost there arent we?

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@ucme’s tool shed.

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Mount Everest.

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I live close to the coast but 120 feet above sea level so I hope to be alright for the foreseeable future. If not then the roof of @ucme’s garden shed.

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Garden shed, or as they say in Scotland…“The best room in the house.”

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Dude likE SEttle down we all die at some point anyway.
Storms are pretty wicked though. I like always wanted to be in some awesome storm but they like keep going around me and stuff. All they did was steal my boat and destroy my pool that I never even used. But why the boat? And it was the one that didn’t have the stupid ants nesting in it or didn’t flip over and force me to go crawling through a thorn bush to get out of the stupid water. Anyway if you mean like rising water and stuff then you probably wanna go somewhere that’s high off the ground or something? And maybe not in tornado alley and stuff. I dunno, maybe Tibet? That’s one of those special places isn’t it? Or is it some other place around there? I’m pretty sure it’s Tibet I’m thinking of. Right?

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Will the water rise enough to bring back the inland sea that separated east and west during the Cretaceous? Anyone know of any programs that can adjust shorelines for rises in sealevel. I’m about 325’ above the present level and just want to know when I will have shorefront property.

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@TinyChi , that hurt my brain.

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I live in the foothills of the Sierra, on the upper east side of the central valley. I will eventually own ocean front property.

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I would follow the hogs or the coyotes. If they can survive then a man can too.

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Into them thar hills. Buy the land now and start building the house. You have time to get it done even if you do it yourself. If you’re over 50, don’t bother. You should die before then.

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The Department of Energy completed a study several years ago that indicated the North East, including Western NY, will have a reduction in energy costs as Global Warming progresses.
The area is gorgeous – a best kept secret. .

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Definitely farther north.

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Somewhere where people are intelligent and don’t believe in it…..........

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Yes @Harold , because only a complete idiot believes in science.

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@Judi Only a complete idiot swallows without chewing.

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@tups Hey! Don’t go calling my dog an idiot!

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@rojo Just tell your dog that it might get some serious stomach issues.

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@tups I have. He just grins and licks his groin.

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@Harold The last time we tried to debate this, your intelligence led you to drop out of the thread. I’m up for another go at it if you are.

Intelligent people once were convinced the Earth was flat. They knew that Earth was the center of the solar system, and the sun, planets and stars were fixed in globes that revolved around Earth. Thinking you know things doesn’t make them so. If there is evidence you can present that 97.2% of climatologists are full of baloney, and you’ve got the truth at hand, roll it out. I’m open to being convinced, just not by malarkey.

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@mattbrowne For sure – it was cool and rainy in Berlin last week.

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@janbb & @mattbrowne Don’t count on the Arctic Jet Stream’s current odd perturbation being a long-lasting thing immune to further warming and polar ice melt.

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@ETpro I don’t count on much of anything any more except a few friends.

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According to This Guy the best place to be is Great Britain, or Washington/Oregon, or the abolute best is a high mountain island in the central Pacific.

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Glad I have a little mountaintop retreat in Southern Oregon them!

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@Judi that is great until the volcano under the mountain comes back to life.

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@janbb Wise penguin.

@rojo & @Judi Washington and Oregon are on major fault lines, aren’t they? And definitely prone to flooding rains, massive mountain snows, and the concomitant mudslides/avalanches. Oh well…

@WestRiverrat Volcanism comes with any major fault line. Oh well, the simple fact is someday something’s going to get you. There’s no escaping that. Going out in a volcanic blast might be an intense and blessedly brief way to leave.

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@janbb – I watched an interesting discussion with climatologists recently. Global warming in Europe seems to increase the formation of the so called sucking up more moisture than in the past. It lowers temperatures in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and increases rainfall. Severe flooding becomes more frequent.

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@ETpro I think you are screwed. See Attached article; computational scientist Stephen Emmott in this extract from his book Ten Billion

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@rojo So we should outlaw gay marriage and even sex, outlaw abortion, outlaw contraception, and procreate as rapidly as possible. Who know what Republicans really had in mind when they chanted “Drill baby, drill!”

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