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Cell phone (Bell Samsung Entro) -- battery and power-up issue. Please help!

Asked by sparrowfeed (744points) May 28th, 2013

My Samsung Entro has been acting up. First, the charging port started to get messed up, and I had to adjust it all the time to keep charging. The port eventually failed completely, and I got a universal charger and just took out the battery and used that. Everything was OK with the universal charger (it charged a bit slower and with not as much battery power, but not too bad).

Now, when I go to power up the Entro, it says it is turning on (the progress bar becomes full and it almost looks as though it is going to turn on) and the screen turns blackish / navy (almost like it’s sort of lit up but still black). All the buttons are lit up when this happens. It’s almost like it’s on but not on. I know this is probably not salvageable, but please let me know if there is any hope with this or if this has happened to you.

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Links that may help:

And this

Good luck!

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Perhaps your phone’s battery is stuck somewhere and it isn’t in working condition so you need to replace your battery. And, that’s the reason for power up which is also not working properly.

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Hey guys, I went to get it repaired. Not sure of the results yet.. apparently its a software issue and the phone is likely coming back today. Thanks for all of your help!

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Eeek, phone is apparently useless.. I get the feeling Bell does this to make people buy their phones.

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