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When is the last time you had a kitchen disaster while cooking?

Asked by Coloma (47190points) May 28th, 2013

Was making the most delicious stir fry tonight when I flipped the entire skillet and sent everything flying accross the room. Needless to say I was devastated! Not only did I just fling about $15 worth of amazing ingredients onto the floor, the fridge, and all in between but I now have no dinner. lol
When is the last time you dumped your dinner?

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I heated up some hardened up honey inside it’s container, just 5 seconds in the microwave.
When I opened the flip top, the honey exploded all over the kitchen.

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I knocked a bowl of thawed raspberries off a refrigerator shelf two days ago and managed to step on many of the berries. The juice did travel a fur piece around the kitchen.

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Oh boy.

I was frying chicken in the wok and unloading the dishwasher.

Forgot the wok was full of molten oil…. picked it up and dumped it on my left hand… causing me to scream and leap backward into the open dishwasher.

First degree burns on my hand and a fractured hip bone from falling into the dishwasher.

Good times.

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While it wasn’t me that caused it, a couple days ago at work someone was heating up a pan with some oil to cook a steak Pittsburgh rare. Well…. the oil caught on fire… then the back of the stove caught on fire…. Then someone had the idea to smother the flame….with a damp dish towel. Anyone want to guess what happened? Yup, that caught fire too and caused the fire to get much bigger…that whole water on grease flames deal. So I ended up just carrying the pan outside and setting it down till it went out and that was that but fires in the kitchen are always fun.

I have a ton of horrible kitchen disaster stories that have happened directly to me (the worst probably being cutting my finger tip off on a food slicer) but luckily I haven’t had anything too bad happen all that recently.

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^^^ Great stories, I feel better already! haha
At least I didn’t break my hip, burn myself of catch anything on fire, just fishing pepper strips out of kitchen crevices and oiling the hardwood floors. They are shiney after the cleanup which took about 20 minutes.

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I can’t remember the last one. Guess I didn’t realize that I was taking my good luck for granted. I’ll try to be more consciously appreciative the next time I don’t let the paring knife slip while cutting something firm and ram the point straight into the base of my index finger. Man, did that bleed. That was in 2001, and there is still a tender spot right there.

The fact is that I don’t very often mess up whatever it is that I’m cooking, but I’m clumsy and I do cut myself and burn myself a whole lot more frequently than seems strictly necessary.

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@Jeruba there’s a “strictly necessary point?

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@Blueroses, thanks for the reminder that my idea of humor is sometimes too oblique.

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it’s all good @Jeruba, I was laughing with you.

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Oh my. I had something happen last week. I am finally learning to cook meals that take longer than 20 minutes to make. So I’ve had many mishaps but I think this is the worst one.

I was on the last step of making my enchilada sauce (purée it in the blender). I forgot to put the lid on before powering it up. As the sauce splattered everywhere, I was frantically smashing buttons on the blender to stop it, to which it sloshed into my eyes (you can imagine the lovely stinging sensation and temporary blindness of the hot spices) ...when my other hand caught the open container of sour cream. The sour cream flipped up in the air and splattered all along the side of the dishwasher and the floor. Piper, being at my feet waiting for any crumb to drop, got slapped in the side of the face with a giant blob of the cream. At this point I had managed to blindly, and painfully, unplug the blender. Sour cream was oozing through my toes and enchilada sauce was…just everywhere (including all over the top half of me). My eyes were burning as if hell itself permeated them. I don’t know where Piper was at this point. I was at the sink slamming my face into water. Since they made my kitchen for giant people, I have to go on my toes to bend over the counter into the sink. As I was doing this, my sour cream gobbed foot slipped and I flattened my breast like a mammogram procedure. Oh the pain.

After all the craziness, my partner came home to no dinner and me laying on the couch with sore swollen eyes and a bruised breast/ribs. Piper still had dairy crust on the side of her face. I didn’t clean out the cracks in our hardwood floor until the next day (and Piper got her bath). I still have bruises on my chest. I’m also still finding enchilada sauce in the strangest of places.

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I was boiling an egg &...are you supposed to put it in the kettle?

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I was baking cookies. I got a phone call and stepped outside to pace. I am a pacer and a talker but I like walking… So the phone call ended up being interesting and I ended up walking in wider and wider circles on the streets and my house. The conversation ended when my phone died….. Came back to charcoal like lumps. Good thing I took the batteries out of all the smoke detectors the first time I cooked.

It was a gluten free, dairy free recipe so the ingredients were more expensive.

Still dumping fresh ingredients that cost more then going out to eat and the effort.

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I was watching Seinfeld in my pajamas about 12 years ago. I was broiling lamb chops in my (electric wall) oven. I put the lamb chops up high not realizing that they would splatter a lot of fat. I opened the oven and the fat caught on fire. Flames were coming out of the oven. I shut the oven door and panicked and called 911. The guy told me the fire department was on the way but in the meantime, get everybody who lives there out of the house. I threw the two cats out onto the deck. Then I got the bright idea that maybe I should try shutting the oven off. I went and shut the oven off and the fire was out. I called 911 back and he told me that the Fire Department was coming regardless. I took the opportunity to clean up a bit, throwing stuff into my spare bedroom. A sheriff came and a guy from the FD came and then a truck with all these guys dressed for fighting the fire came. The first FD guy’s job was to do stats on what happened, what kind of oven it was, etc. I told him it wasn’t the oven’s fault, it was my fault. He said he still had to do the stats on the oven.

When they left my lamb chops were actually edible, just a little well done on the bony part. I sat down to my TV tray in front of Seinfeld and ate my lamb chops. I was laughing to myself, thinking this is bachelorette living! Lamb chops, pajamas, Seinfeld and the Fire Department!

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Oh that’s a bummer, @Coloma. I haven’t had a similar kitchen disaster for years, but I still vividly remember one night during high school when I was home alone and about to sit down to an episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus and a delicious HUGE bowl of fried rice. I spilled my whole damn dinner on the carpet and scooped it up to eat anyway. Pretty sure I ingested some cat hair there…

I also burned my dinner my very first night in the apartment I live in now. Boiled the pot dry and set off the damn smoke detector.

Never had any experience with kitchen fires, but I’ve burned myself deep frying a couple times and also have some gnarly scars from knives.

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Last night, but I would call it more a disappointment than a disaster. I tried to be “creative” with a box of instant mac & cheese by adding hamburger meat. Not only did it turn out to be nothing but wasted calories and totally tasteless at that, it was a bitch to clean up.

Back to Lean Cuisine!

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room : My sympathies. I’m sure it seemed like a good idea when you were hungry… I had a similar mishap once when I came home from work, almost deliriously hungry after skipping lunch. I was so desperate for quick starch and protein that I tried to cook oatmeal with an egg in it… It was pretty bad, but I choked it down anyway.

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Haha…love these sharings, man…nothing like cooking gone wrong.
It’s also always a delight when you knock over a carton of milk or OJ in the fridge and it soaks everything. Bah humbug!

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@bookish1 that is my favorite…. making/buying a meal that is pretty bad but you rationalize to yourself “well I paid for this….may as well just fuckin eat it, it will fill me up and I won’t feel like I wasted money at least.”

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I made a quiona salad with ginger, apricots, dried dates, chopped almonds, and orange zest a few days ago, and for the first time in a while I decided to eat in front of the television. I put my drink and bowl on the TV tray, and I absentmindedly scooted the tray a few inches. The TV tray fell and my bowl and glass crashed on the floor. My drinking glass shattered to pieces, but remarkably my bowl was still intact, so I was able to eat it. Tasted extremely good.

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^^^ lol

I JUST poureed BBQ sauce on my salad the other night instead of a red wine dressing. Grabbed the wrong bottle and about halfway through the pour thought….” this dressing is really thick, then realized it was BBQ sauce. Bleh! Dump the salad. haha

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@Coloma Depending on the type of sauce, I probably would have spooned some of it off and eaten it anyway.

When I bought new milk, I put the rest of the previous gallon in a plastic container. When I refilled my glass of lemonade, I came within one drop of accidentally pouring milk into my lemonade.

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I just dumped a spice container of turmeric all over the counter and floor.

Any experience with stain removal of this sort???? It would make a wonderful dye apparently… If it wasn’t sooo damn tasty….Sigh

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^^ White vinegar? juice of a real lemon?

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Tried vinegar… lemon I will have to pick a couple up tomorrow.

Thank for the suggestion.

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@Unbroken I’ve done that too! Rubbing alcohol got most of it off and Comet with bleach took care of the residual stain (baking soda, if your surface can’t take the abrasive)

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I was opening a jar of peanut butter over the stove and the transparent plastic safety ring around the opening dropped onto the hot burner without my being aware of it.

Shortly thereafter my nose told me that something nasty was burning; the plastic had melted all over the burner and the bottom of the pan of noodles over the gas flame. I had to scrape everything with a Swiss Army knife blade. It was all very nasty.

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Just last night I was wiping down the counters when I grazed the side of the microwave with my fingers and my thumbnail on my left hand slid into one of the tiny vent slats near the bottom and was stuck! Really, really stuck! haha
I couldn’t extract it, it would slide back and forth but was hooked somehow. I bent the nail, tried pulling, and was just about to contemplate what I was going to do.

Carry the microwave to the bathroom so I could get a pair of nail clippers? lol
FINALLY, by sheer luck, the physics came together and I retracted my thumb.
Sheesh…..a pretty bizarre accident. :-/
Cut all my nails down today too. haha

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I was draining the liquid from my meatloaf and I lifted the pan too high. The meatloaf fell onto the kitchen floor.

Our dogs had a great dinner that night.

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Baking soda did the trick…. Yay!

Awful about your stove and the smell and the pot… hopefully it wasn’t enamel. I do love gas flames though. So rare these days too.

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