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Has anyone ever tried to kill you?

Asked by flip86 (6208points) May 29th, 2013


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No, but when I was 5 years old I tried to drown my baby brother in the bathtub.

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Every. Single. Day.

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A cop grabbed my throat once and pulled his gun and shouted “Anybody tries to run and your friend gets it”.

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Yes. 2 horses, a rattlesnake, several raging rivers, a renegade off road Jeep and a Rottweiler. My ex husband tried, metaphorically speaking. He tried to kill my soul, almost worked, but…my determined, resilient and tenacious spirit won in the end. lol

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Some little shit nearly drowned me in a pool when I was a teenager. He meant to hold me under, but I don’t think he actually intended to kill me. He got pretty damn close to it, though.

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I am pleased to say the answer to this question is no.

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Luckily no, only threats. Knocks on wood

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edited by me.

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Only myself.

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My sociopath ex-boss swore to kill me, and the last time I saw him, he tried to run me off the freeway.
Does that count?

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If so, they failed so miserably that not only am I still here, I never knew they were trying. It’s like when somebody pulls a Derringer on you and you’re packing a Colt 50 cal. You tell them, “If you shoot me with that little thing, and I find out about it, it’s going to really piss me off.”

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Yes, but to be fair, the men I was with were trying to kill them too.

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Happy to report no.

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My ex threatened, but never got to more than threats and screaming.

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Not intentionally has any 1 “person” ever tried to kill me. But death certainly loves to knock on my door and I love to answer. 2 times by car first time rear ended at 90km. The 2nd time I was hit head on both of us were doing over 60km. Once by drowning when I was unintentionally kicked in the face by someone and blacked out. Once by pills, that was my fault. Once by barbeque explosion, maybe that doesn’t count, but I’m lucky to still be alive.

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The driver who rear-ended the stopped car I was in at 75 miles per hour who then backed up 36 feet and then accelerated wildly and hit us again at 55 miles per hour. I survived but I have been disabled since that loverly day in April 2004. DOes that count?

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^^^I’d say so. Glad you’re still with us.

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Many people have tried to kill me, but they all failed. Haha.

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There were a few times in my mid-teens that I was convinced my mother was going to kill me. I’m not joking.

But otherwise, not that I can think of.

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A truck driver did, inadvertently. We were both quite relieved he didn’t succeed.

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“Has anyone ever tried to kill you?”

Once with an axe. Three times with a gun. And once with a telephone pole cable split down the middle with the wires frayed slashing my skull.

Amateurs. Bring it on!

But Monsanto with the GMO, and all the Chem Trail Metals… Please stop!

Ben & Jerry’s kill me dead every time.

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I was ran over whilst walking on the pavement years ago, my head smashed through the windscreen but I retained my balance & stayed on my feet.
Overnight stay in hospital with a few stitches to the back of my head & severe bruising to my legs. They didn’t try to kill me though, just drunk fuckers who lost control of the car.

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Kind of I guess, potentially. I have had some people pull weapons on me, like knifes or screw drivers back when I worked in security, but realistically their odds of killing anyone were very low when you consider how well the team was set up. Most of the time they would have their face pushed against the floor before they got their hands out of their pockets.

We did have a guy show up with a gun once, but he was not actually shooting at anyone, just shooting about at stuff to smash it up.

I have actually been more of a danger to myself, nearly killing myself twice. Beware water.

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Last year my daughter and her baby/daddy were sitting at a stoplight when another car came by, and put 6 bullets into my daughters car. Remarkably, no one was hurt, but my daughter was too freaked to leave her house for days.

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Usually about five or six times driving from the office to my home. I think we have cornered the market on idiots behind the wheel.

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@poisonedantidote I’m not a very good swimmer. I have almost drowned twice. The first time was in a pool at my babysitters house. I was 8 or 9. I almost drowned her daughter along with myself because she jumped in to try and help me and I just thrashed around and was pulling her under. The daughter was 8 or 9 as well. Finally her mother came out and pulled me to the side of the pool. Her daughter never talked to me again after that and that was the last time I ever went there.

The second time I was at the beach and the first time I really understood how fucked up humans could be. I was 16. I tried to swim across a channel that had a fast current, I made it halfway across and lost all energy. I knew I couldn’t make it and started treading water. I panicked and started screaming help as loud as I could. NOBODY did a damn thing, I mean NOBODY. They all just stared and watched as I flailed around in the water. My friend that was with me finally jumped in and helped me swim to shore. If it wasn’t for him I would have drowned. No other person on that beach would have done a damn thing except watch me drown.

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My father wanted me aborted and tried very hard to make that happen. An ex also tried to break in and kill me after we broke up.

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@flip86 I am a very good swimmer. I even have won medals for swimming competitions, and have a scuba diving license.

If I look out of my east window I can see the beach, and have been around water all my life, and even then it has nearly killed me. If I am going to be liberal in my estimate, I could say that there are at least 3 or 4 times the water has nearly taken me.

Age 8–9 I got stuck under water, trying to swim between underwater columns that connected one pool with another. Another time when I was about 12, I made a home made surf board, a wave flipped me, and I nearly got snapped in half when my board sunk tip first in to the sand, and the wave smashed me belly and ribs first against the back edge of the board. There was the time when I was about 14–16 or so, and got stuck in a whirlpool, when I jumped off a bridge in the harbor. There are also the times that I banged my head underwater, or found myself in rough waters near jagged rocks.

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If we’re including accidental or inadvertent attempts on our lives, I was rear ended by a huge pickup because he couldn’t stop as quickly as my Mini Cooper in response to the line of traffic stopping suddenly in front of us. I was spun around 180°, and when I hit the median, which was muddy from the spring thaw, I rolled-over ¾ turns and stopped on the driver’s side. I was unhurt with the exception of whiplash and a few scratches from when they pulled me up through the passenger window. The guy who hit me looked worse than I did – he wasn’t hurt, his stomach dropped once he saw my car start to flip.

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Ive tried to kill me, twice. Second time, I thought maybe I would succeed, I’m here though so obviously not.

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Welcome to fluther my @Headhurts too. I’m glad you could join us and we’ve got something in common :)

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My bother-in-law talked me into going for a horseback ride around the hills on his ranch with some other riders including my wife. My brother-in-law knew that I had never ridden a horse before yet he gave me an unruly and wide spirited horse with an English-style saddle. The hose would either go too slow or would take off in a full all out run to try to through me off. I don’t think that my brother in law put the saddle on tight enough because it kept sliding all over the place (mostly left and right). My bother-in-law would like me out of the picture so he can control my wife and our money. He scares the hell out of me. I’ve even told some of my friends that if I ever drop dead to ask the police to investigate my death as a homicide with my brother-in-law as a suspect.

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@gondwanalon Never go out with your BIL again! Ok?

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl Your advice to @gondwanalon is wise. His BIL seems to have malicious motives and show no respect for the privacy of others. I would suggest that he should be avoided whenever possible.

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I think some people secretly wished to kill me, but never came around to it lol

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Thank you @Dr_Lawrence. One only prays that @gondwanalon doesn’t even get talked into it anymore period.

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Several times, always for my sexual orientation.

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Thanks for the good advice.

I don’t plan on ever riding another horse. I’m afraid of them now. Horses can sense my fear and that isn’t good for the horse either.

My BIL has “borrowed” 140K from us over the last few years. We gave him $25K to cover his taxes last April with the understanding that when he presents another sad story in the future the answer will be “absolutely not”. Of course he will ask for more money and we are ready for things to get ugly. The integrity of his financial empire of a horse ranch, beautiful mansion, 6 apartment buildings on the beach, and 3 bowling alleys is cracking. He has a very charismatic and strong extrovert personality and a lot of pride. If he loses everything and he thinks that I facilitated his massive financial collapse by not giving him more money then it’s possible that he may try to ruin my life too.

There is a big birthday party for a family member in 2 weeks and I’m expected to be there and so will my BIL. I feel weird just thinking about it. I’ll try to act like I’m having a good time and live to tell about it. HA!

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A couple of bitter wenches have tried, unsuccessfully, to kill my spirit. Otherwise, nobody has intentionally tried to kill me. Yay!

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I just love the words “bitter wenches”…that’s all :)

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Yes, but it’s a really long story. I’ll shorten it.

I was 24 years old. It involved a kidnapping, forest and a man with a large gun (I don’t know my guns so I have no idea what kind). I knew the person from a drug gang I was involved in a very long time ago. He thought it would be fun to “hunt” me like the disloyal “lowly animal” I was. I’m not sure if he intended to kill me or just scare/wound me. I lost him in the thick brush and walked for 16 hours back to the city. I arrived in the early morning into a new neighbourhood and got onto city transit. A woman recognized me from a photo in the newspaper and discretely told the bus driver. The driver then called the police. I wanted to get off at that moment because I could see what was going on. I didn’t want the police involved. The driver wouldn’t let me off, so a few stops ahead, the police arrived and took me away. At that point, I could barely walk because of being forcefully sodomized, the giant open blisters covering my feet, the gash on my leg from the man’s knife, and the cuts/bruises everywhere from running through thick forest. I ended up in a women’s shelter for three months.

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Wow, @Plucky; what an intense and frightening experience! Just getting away from the gang and drugs the first time must have been a tremendous challenge – but to have to go through it a second time must have been terrifying. I have much respect for your resilience and determination.

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@Plucky!!!! You are a survivor! Thanks for sharing that. You have the courage of a lion! Thanks for being here and being my friend! :’) xo

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Thank you both. It was a giant rough patch (too bad for him, I’m very well experienced in rough patches). It was also basically the end of that chaotic chapter in my life… And the beginning of a wonderful one. I wouldn’t have met my partner if I didn’t go through that whole ordeal. Oh, and I made a mistake in age. I would’ve been 23 at the time (not 24).

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