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Is anyone familiar with Gal Sone, the Japanese girl who can eat a lot?

Asked by Mr_Saturn512 (532points) May 30th, 2013

I’m curious as to finding out the most she has ever eaten so far. If there’s like a video or something on youtube. It’s a bit hard to find being that everything is in Japanese and few have subtitles or translations to tell me what I’m looking at. But if anyone knew or could point me in some direction, that’d be swell.

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Damn that’s sexy

But you’re right, it’s basically all in Japanese. I think your best bet might be to find someone that speaks Japanese to help you wade through the various videos on YT.

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Search 「ギャル曽根 大食い」 (Gyaru Sone Oogui / Gal Sone Big Eating)

If you enjoy watching Japanese girls eat big in general, just search 大食い

Actually, it’s pretty mind boggling; to see so many girls here eating huge amounts of food and staying under 45kg!

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