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I recently just got a new nano i plugged it into my desktop and it told me i needed to udate my itunes to the 7 point something so i went on line and downloaded the newiest version instaled it on my computer. the icon is on my desktop and when i click to open it, it wont? what am i doing wrong?

Asked by jofavela (1points) June 16th, 2008
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did you try restarting your computer?

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Mac or PC?

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I all ready tried restarting my computer and its a

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I would suggest uninstalling the software (iTunes) completely (control panel > add/remove programs) and then reinstalling it via this link

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jofavela: welcome to fluther! A tip for future question asking: limit the main question to about one line and put all of the rest in the details.

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To add on what Pnl said. I would also uninstall Quicktime too. The two are tied together.

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I also uninstalled the whole thing and installed it again but i still cant open it???

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Your question is too long. It floods the main news feed on this site. Shorten your question by putting the details in the description next time.

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hmm did you try everything recommended on this site?

oh and this might help with getting your nano connected once you get the itunes part down.

oh AND, if you have an antivirus program such as Norton, make sure you add iTunes to the list of “always allow” programs since your firewall might be blocking the program from opening.

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This is actually pretty common. The installation of the new iTunes doesn’t remove your old icon. You need to go into all programs and find the new folder it created in there. You’re new icon to the updated version will be in there.

Happened to me before, drove me nuts till I figured it out.

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