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So, what do you all think about the gun found on a Disney ride?

Asked by JLeslie (65195points) May 30th, 2013

Here is an article explaining what happened at Disney World. Basically, a boy and his grandma found a gun on a ride. The gun had slipped out of the pocket of the owner. Disney is supposed to be gun free.

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A .380 is Waaaaaay too small to stop a dinosaur. Someone abandoned the weapon as a bad idea and will return with a .50 BMG next time for his Safari.

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Proof that not everyone should be granted a CCW.

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Hadn’t heard of this, but, I am not a news junkie. Oh well…bound to happen when converging in a maximum humanity zone.
Nothing too surprising when you think of the sheer volume of patrons in amusement parks.

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It may lead to customers going through a security check before getting to enter the grounds. Too bad. Ignorance and bad decisions strike again.

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At Disneyland you have to submit to a baggage check and and the wand type detector.

When I heard it was Disney World it lessened my shock. It is Florida, after all.

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It must be Yosemite Sam’s gun… not to worry he has two ... I’ll take this one to lost and found.

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Obviously, nearly everyone at the theme park must die in shootings every day, because we all know that the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre says only by having massive numbers of weapons around, as in everybody packing heat, can we possibly be safe from gun violence. Now I haven’t looked up the number of people who die daily at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, but clearly it must be one of the most dangerous places in America with an astronomical gun violence rate. Wayne LaPierre says so, so it must be true. ~

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Guns in bars, guns in cars, guns in schools, guns in places of worship… why not guns at holiday theme parks, too? You know how dangerous those places can be.

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I leave for a few days and this is what happens? ~

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Yep, Mickey Mouse and Goofy packing heat!

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Scary, but I suppose it really could happen anywhere.

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Seems insane to me. I don’t know why anyone needs to carry a gun around. The answer seems to be that so many people in the US feel they do need to be armed, it really isn’t such a stretch that someone went into a theme park with a gun.

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I think it’s very sad. I would assume a lot of children come to Disney World. Not even there can you have a moment of peace anymore? It is a shame that children know what guns are, even more, what they are supposed to do. But I guess that’s how the world works.

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I did not read the story. Is there any chance the guy was an off duty police or other public safety officer who is required to keep his weapon within his area of immediate control and not, for example, leave it in the glove box of his car?.
I predict someone will be getting the thumb break on his holster repaired.

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Well, if it was a cop I hope they wouldn’t need the firearm in the unemployment line on Monday morning. And guns are heavy. I notice if my wallet is missing since it is flapping against my flat ass. If a cop doesn’t notice a missing gun they need to be fired ASAP. A Glock 17 while loaded is well over two pounds. I don’t see how you can not notice that.

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I think it was just a guy with a CCW. Not a cop. They’re easy to get in Florida.

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That’s just goofy.

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Not a cop. Just some guy, he did have a FL carry license. He said he forgot it was in his pocket. Supposedly a very small gun. It is unnerving to me that he forgot he had it on him. It’s like me forgetting my purse, that has happened once in my life. I would think people who carry guns are very aware they have one on them. At least I would hope. Since it can fall out of his pocket, it could have fallen out anywhere, a ride, a restaurant, although he said the movement of the ride is what probably caused it. I’m curious to know if that ride really did move a lot. I don’t see why most Disney rides would cause it to fall out. People empty their pockets before roller coasters and upside down rides.

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It’s Florida. I can’t even pretend to be surprised.

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Those of you not surprised because it’s FL, are you thinking security at Disney did not do their job, or that It doesn’t surprise you a Floridian was carrying a gun? Security doesn’t frisk people there, and you don’t walk through a metal detector to get in.

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Speaking as a true blooded englishman, my view of floridians has been forged through watching episodes of Miami Vice & the occasional travel documentary.
Not surprising then that I view them as happy, sunny mentalists :D

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Not surprised because it’s Florida. The state where you can literally get away with murdering someone in your own house.

The state where “I forgot I had it” is an acceptable excuse for bringing a firearm to a theme park. Like they didn’t get dressed first thing in the morning and stick a gun in their pocket before heading out to battle the 1½ hour traffic line to the Magic Kingdom in order to get there when the park opened at 9 AM.

I mean, did he have a full day of potential crimefighting on Friday, then fall asleep with his gun in his pocket, then roll out of bed, shoo the kids into the car, and take off to MickeyMouseLand without changing or showering?

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LOL. Potential crime fighting. Gotta love that.

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People can carry weapons into Disney World? Bullshit. I really am never going to Disney World. Damn.

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@tinyfaery , they look in your bag but they don’t frisk you. Disneyland does the same thing. There should probably be big flashing signs banning firearms I guess so idiots like this can’t say, “I didn’t know.”

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@tinyfaery It is against the rules. No weapons allowed.

@Judi From what the article said he said, I think he absolutely knew he shouldn’t bring it in.

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To clairfy, I know he is quoted as saying he didn’t know, but supposedly he also explained he meant to leave it in the car, but realized it was still in his pocket when already on the tram. To me something there does not ring true. It feels to me like he knew and didn’t want to bother to take the tram all the way back to the car, and if he got through the gates all is good. Not caught, no harm no fowl. Unless of course it drops out of your pocket and a kid picks it up and shoots someone or hides it in their bag to play with later.

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Sounds more like a weak excuse for someone who said to himself “Ain’t no-body gonna tell me whur I cain’t bring MAH GUN – not no Mickey Mouse, not no Donald Duck, not NO ONE.!”

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The part of the story that interested me the most was toward the end:

“Like other people, when I go to Walt Disney World I feel like I’m entering a bubble of safety and I feel secure, but I guess this took me out of my bubble for a moment,” said blogger Shelley Caran, who visits the parks several times a week and writes about her experiences at [her website].

This seems to be typical of the “let’s ban guns; that’ll fix the problem” crowd. They seem to believe that passing laws and posting signs prohibiting weapons will create these mystical, magical “bubbles of safety” where things will be peachy… “because guns are outlawed”.

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@CWOTUS That only works if you actually enforce the law. But enforce it, and it does work. On the other hand, you have NRA president Wayne LaPierre (chief lobbyist for the gun industry) arguing that arming everyone, including convicted felons, homicidal maniacs and Islamists on the terror watch list, and letting them all take weapons anywhere they wish, is the only way to reduce gun violence. I see no evidence that Mr. LaPierre’s claim is anything more than a crass attempt to boost profits for his weapons manufacturers while completely ignoring the body count his greed is piling up.

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I think he honestly thinks everyone would be safer if we all carried guns. He probably has faith that we would all be skilled like James Bond, able to kill a bad guy with one shot at 50 yards.

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@RocketGuy I have a different theory. Wayne LaPierre could care less how many innocent people are slaughtered due to his lobbying efforts. He only cares about the boatloads of money the arms industry dump on him and the NRW to take the heat off them, and to crank out a long litany of lies about black helicopters circling to takes all out guns so his paranoid delusional base will run out and buy more and more and more guns and ammo caches. It’s very profitable. He’d never care about the impact of his spreading paranoia until it impacts him or his loved ones. Failing that, his greed leaves him completely oblivious to empathy.

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