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If you could have any video game be real?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) June 16th, 2008

what would it be and why?

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One of my favorite games, Red Orchestra was real. It was the Eastern front of WWII.

Other than that, they made a Jurrasic Park game. My vote goes that way.

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Pong. Absolutely.
Because I rock Pong like nobody’s bidness.

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Pacman, for the reason Knotmyday gave about Pong – I’m good at it.

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I would want Pokemon, It is such a happy easy place and you get to train little monsters and make them battle.

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This strikes me as a dangerous “be careful what you wish for” question. I am imagining Spargett on the Eastern Front, Knotmyday stuck in a surreal Pong universe, Allie trapped in a maze pursued by monsters, and Melonking a tyrant forcing small furry creatures to fight each other.

I’d like to be able to pick and choose some features of some games, especially if no one else gets to run amok with the same features. Saved game abuse would be nice to be able to do, maybe. So would not having to worry about health and longevity, and I was just eyeing some magic items in one of the games… but only if I don’t have to worry about others doing the same thing. I don’t want to see the current politicos we have hoarding magic items the way they do actual modern toys and power systems.

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Viva Pinata. It just sounds so joyous and gay.

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Quebert! I love bouncing around! :-)

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need for speed, I love cars :S

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Bubble Bobble. Then my years between ages 9 and 11 would become suddenly very relevant. And you get huge fruit and candy.

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Final Fantasy IV. It’s such a beautiful world.

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quite a lot, but the one that sticks out…shadow of the colossus, thinking about it makes my eyes swell up a bit…sooo…damn…beautifull

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iwamoto, perhaps, but can you imagine being a character in sotc? Beautiful, nonetheless. (Can you imagine a current gen sotc sequel?? <passes out with ecstacy.)

For me, loco roco.

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i would be wanderer ofcourse…roaming the forbidden lands…

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Super Mario Brothers! I want a real – life Yoshi!

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Grand Theft Auto! Oh wait….it’s already In real life. =P So then I would choose Monster Hunter Freedom 2. Running around with a giant sword killing oversized angry pink chickens would be AWESOME!!! =P

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maybe if they made bionic commando real, i’d love to have a swinging arm like that

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Half Life 2 and its episodes. With godmode on so I don’t die.
DEFINITELY Portal, greatest puzzle game ever, except if it was real people would need motion sickness bags.

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Definitely Pokemon cause who wouldn’t want to have a world filled with fantastical animals with better-than-normal abilities….so many possibilities…

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Haha, probably Zork. We’d all live by typing in commands and thinking of different possibilities.

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there’s only real answer to this question:


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