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Have you ever known a parent who got mad at their kid because they wouldn't eat candy or cookies or cake?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43356points) May 31st, 2013

Many, many years ago I was visiting a friend who had another friend over. My friend asked if anyone wanted some cake. I said “No thanks,” the other lady said, “I’ll take a piece and another little one for Little Janie here.” Little Janie was about 5 and said she didn’t want any. Mom got her a piece anyway….then YELLED at her for not wanting to eat it! WTH?

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My guess is that maybe the mother was not so concerned about her not eating cake, but was concerned about her daughter being rude/offending her friend by not taking what was offered to her. I personally wouldn’t be offended or find it rude if someone declined, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some people were.

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It was weird. If I was a hostess, I’d be far more offended at the mother yelling at her daughter like that!

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Sure, my dad would yell at us for not eating everything, including dessert… then ridicule us for putting on weight.

Good times.

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Yes, I agree, it was definately a manners thing. Always accept even if you don’t eat it or drink it.
Bad form from mom though, screeching is not really polite behavior either.

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Yes. My dad yelled at me for not eating a frozen pie… something was wrong with it. It turned out that it was a frozen pie that needed to be cooked first. by that time I had stood up to my dad and walked away. I meditated then came back and read the instructions on the pie, saying that it needs to be in the oven for 30 minutes. My dad had eaten half of it already and was sick.

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Narcissistic mom. Can’t hear and respect the wishes of her child as a separate person. End of story.

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It is a fact that where you see a fat kid you can guarantee fat parents will waddle around the corner after them, like some sort of rite of passage…thou must stuff thine gob with several fatted calves…per day.

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@talljasperman Good.

@KNOWITALL If someone asks if you want something, what’s wrong with saying “No, thanks”?

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