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The "x" key keeps popping out on my Macbook Pro. How to proceed?

Asked by serenityNOW (3636points) May 31st, 2013

The laptop is from 2010, so it’s definitely out of warranty. I can mush it back in, but in a previous post, I used the word “explain” and it popped out again. So, I mushed back in, heard a little click and once again I’m good to go. Has this ever happened to anyone. Should I use a tiny dab of epoxy, or just push it back in when it pops out! (Like, writing the word “epoxy” and the key was fine.) How should I proceed?

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If you live near a Apple Store this is one of those easy fixes (assuming you are polite) they will do for free. They have bags of extra keys in the back.

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@johnpowell – Cool – I think it’s more of an adhesive issue, but I’ll be nice and composed. (Ideally.) It doesn’t matter it’s out of warranty?

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They do minor shit like that even if out of warranty. It isn’t policy that they do it but most people will since it is a easy fix.

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@serenityNOW Laptop keys use little metal bars as springs, not adhesive, so it’s either that part on the key, or the little clips on the keyboard which are broken, hopefully it’s just the key.

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I just took my X key off and replaced it back. I had to push down with somewhat mild power.

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@_Whitetigress – All for my sake? Thanks.
But now does that make me responsible for 2 XXs – One more and…!

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