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Is there a word that combines anthromorphification, nostalgia and overidentifying?

Asked by Unbroken (10714points) June 1st, 2013

I was watching the Twilight Zone last night. It was an episode from the future where boxing has been banned in 70’s and android’s have taken over the ring. There was an out of date droid. BT Max or something and he broke for good somewhere in middle of it.

The whole show I was on the edge rooting for this “guy.” Expecting him and his sad face to do something of his own voilition. Though he didn’t and couldn’t because he was trapped in his housing or body. This is just the latest example. What is the term for this?

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I think you’re just describing a story that succeeded in engaging the emotions of the audience. Why do you think it requires a special label?

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Palingenetic fetishism.
Sorry, I just made that up. I have no idea.

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Religion…? (Not meant to point up any group or creed—am thinking about the concept in general.)

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@Jeruba Good point. However I always seem to identify with the same type. I don’t necessarily think it needs a label other then it facilitates talking about it. Since it is a universal thing.

@bookish1 Lol. Shaking finger.

@peridot Huh.

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Didn’t mean to kill the conversation. I was merely answering the question…

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@peridot Nah you didn’t. I guess shamanism might be similar. Wait not shamanism. I get it. An old thing that promotes a false feelin of nostalgia that unites us all and not matter the concept we anthropmorphize it.. Brillaint. I am slow this morning.

Just threw me for a loop.

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No worries ;)

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“Anthromorphification” is delightful but not a word, in any universe.

“Anthropomorphism” does mean the attribution of human characteristics or behavior to a god, animal, or object.

Combining that with “nostalgia” and “overidentification” (I am not sure what that means either) would be asking a lot of one word.

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Thank you @gailcalled, spot on.

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@rosehips, the “false feeling of nostalgia that unites us all” is why I used the word palingenetic. It refers to renewal of a group or individual by return to a previous form. Like the narrative of fascism.

But I agree with @gailcalled that there’s probably not one single word that expresses all of these ideas you are thinking of.

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@bookish1 Lol I saw the word palin and quickly recalled ET’s thread which I remember you responded to. Genetic as in all AKan’s are related… In other words I thought yu were making up words. I guess I am the only one doing that here…
Silliness aside.. asking too much from a word…. Nah… Words are amazing.

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‘Empathy’ is as close as I can get.

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Do you suppose “suspension of disbelief” is applicable?
@flutherother I like that.

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Empathy I like a bit more then suspension of disbelief. Though they both are nice.

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