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Who has summation(5000*1/2^i) lurve today?

Asked by Mariah (25858points) June 1st, 2013

Why, @PhiNotPi of course! Our favorite little math prodigy (IS HE SERIOUSLY ONLY 16???) / hard working moderator has hit 10,000 lurve today! Yippee!

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Thank you everyone!

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Congratulations to one of the most awe inspiring and mature 16 year olds I’ve come across. I can’t wait to see where life takes you. Well done on your 10k @PhiNotPi. Plus you’re a great mod.

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Congratulations @PhiNotPi . It’s been great having you on the mod team and I really enjoy watching your responses in the math questions (along with @Mariah).‘s You are a great addition to Fluther.

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That adds up !
Thanx @Mariah.

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@Φ ~ π Congratulations, and keep up the excellent work ~ work, love of life and its mysteries.

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Congrats! :D

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Congratulations and best wishes. My crystal ball says you have a great future ahead of you. Don’t believe in crystal balls? Just look at what you’ve done already!

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No equations about it! Congrats to a whizz!

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Hey…hold on there, nobody gets in the mansion without solving some complicated problems around here. lol
Oookay…have at it Pi. haha

In triangle PQR m angle P = 53 degrees, PQ=7.4 and PR= 9.6.
What is m angle R to the nearest degree?


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Congratulations Phi!!!

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Yay! Congratulations, @PhiNotPi! Your head for math makes my head hurt, but I’m so glad you’re here. :)

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Fuck PhiNotPi. My crush is on Mariah :-)

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Congrats on the 1.6183… Did you mark the instant you were 10x Phi?
I’ll bet that sends you to the calendar!

Thanks for all you do here.

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10Kongratulations @PhiNotPi

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Having you around gives the lie to the general despair about the youth of our country. You’re a great example to your peers (as well as some of the occasional adult jerks passing through the Flutherverse now and again.)

Congrats on a job well done. You’re a great addition to the collective.

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Hey lady, looks like you’re overdue for an eye exam and a new pair of specs.

You addressed him as Pi. Take a closer look at the username. He made every effort to clarify that it’s Phi NOT Pi :)

Or did your kitties make off with your reading glasses again ? Naughty kitties :)

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I know it’s bothering you….. Yes, I know I left out the zero. .

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Clearly we are not divided on this: you are amazing @PhiNotPi


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Now I’m hungy for pie.

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@PhiNotPi, pie, whatever your name is (I didn’t have breakfast yet so now I want pie): Congratulations and I never knew you were so young! It’s great that we have jellies of all ages on here! Keep up the good work, kiddo!

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Congratulations @PhiNotPi! Although I do know how old you are, I keep forgetting because you are so intelligent. You are a gifted jelly and I’m glad you are here spreading your knowledge and good sense.

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Ah, but are you 16 in base 10????

I’m suspicious because you haven’t asked a single “Does he/she like me?” question. I need proof.

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Congratulations @PhiNotPi!!! Your presence and modly service around here are invaluable!

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Given the digits that represent his age are 16 what is the youngest he could be if you could use any base system? What system would you use? Using that base system, how old will he be a year from now?

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Congratulations, @PhiNotPi! You are a great addition to the collective even if you do speak a different language than I do (math not words).

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@LuckyGuy The youngest I could be is thirteen, which is 16 in base seven. I would be 20 next year.

@marinelife ∃⊕¬∃, that is the question.

@thorninmud It depends. In what base is the 10? All bases are base 10.

@Seaofclouds @Bellatrix Mod-ship has been interesting.

@Tropical_Willie Yes it does, although it only works when i = 0 -> ∞

@ETpro I’m going to have to use that username-link-trick sometime.

sqrt(7.4^2+9.6^2–2*7.4*9.6*cos(53)) = 7.8367, so the answer must be less than 53
sin^-1 (sin(53) / 7.8367 * 7.4) = 48.95
So, my answer is B.

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I guess I’m a little late, but congratulations @PhiNotPi! You’re really smart and seem like a cool person and I always look forward to seeing your answers!

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Hell, I’m 16 if 10= ##################################################

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LOL….very good! You pass into the advanced state of fluthermatics! :-D

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P.S. Phi sigh Mea culpa.

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I just noticed: It’s only been one day, and I’m already .09% of the way to 20K!

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I’m singing a song: PhiNotPi Chicken pot pie, la la la la la. Sorry I don’t sing very good.

Congratulations on your 10K!

Now step right on in here, to the Fluther Mansion. As you will see we’ve been practicing so that we could Serenade You.

Normally, we would offer you a glass of Champagne, but since you’re only 16 (who knew?) we shall offer you This instead.

And since you are one of our Mods, we picked out a nice new Suit for you.

Of course we have prepared a Spread but before you head into the dining room, you might like to sample one of these Gluten Free Appetizers (I think that some of our Jellies with celiac disease will approve, as will Janbb.

After dinner, you can retire to your Room which I hope shall be satisfactory, it’s all mathy and stuff.

And lest I should forget, we have recently installed, down at the end of the hall on your floor, a replica of the Disney Concert Hall for your use and we bought you a New Horn made by Buffet Crampon (I know that sounds naughty, but it’s not).

And now let’s get the party started with This Song.

Again, congratulations, Sir!

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Well done!!!!!!

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@Kardamom I’m pretty confident that’s not a new horn (based on the logo). If I’m going to get a new horn, it might as well be this.

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@PhiNotPi Ha Ha! You’re right. But it was pretty, and would be new to you. I just love saying Buffet Crampon.

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Holy Integers! I hadn’t the slightest clue of your age.

You are wise and funny and I honestly thought you were my elder.

Great to have you in the mansion. Come over to the lower floor and teach me mathematical concepts.

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@Blueroses he is amazing hey? Future president or Nobel Prize winner. I think Ben and Andrew should grab him as soon as he’s old enough to employ and get him an internship at Twitter. Pay his uni fees and get him on the Twitter payroll. This young man is going places.

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Thank you for answering my questions.

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@PhiNotPi Correct ! In base 7 You’d be 13 now and 20 next year. That’s a perfect example of why some parents say their kids grow up overnight.

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Incredible! Congrats @PhiNotPi! I’d break out the champagne, but I need to wait five years. It will be well-chilled by then!

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What??? No cake for Pi?? Phooey!


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Congrats, whizz-kid!

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This will never be mathematically correct as lurve is forever changing but today 5021+5021=10,042 KGRAtS! notPibutCake :p

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Congratulations on 10k. Your posts and questions definitely don’t sound like they came from a sixteen year old.

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Your sqrt(100000000) K is wunderbar !

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