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What is the etymology and history of your first name?

Asked by PoiPoi (274points) June 16th, 2008

When did your first name date back from? What type of language was your first name used in? What is the gender of your first name? And what does your first name mean?

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All I know is that I got my name because it has been used in my family for years. I would say it is English. I don’t know what it means.

P.S. my name is Daniel

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Eric- Eternal Ruler

French version of Nordic “Erik”

Comes from Erik the Red, Famous Viking.

Originally Norse.

Gender specific male.

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Victoria~ Roman myth name for goddess of victory. conqueror; victory

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This is the origin of my name.

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I’m lazy and don’t want to dig up the “etymology and history” of my first name. I know my mom picked my name because she was a huge fan of the TV show Peyton Place and she named me after Ryan O’Neal. My sister was also named after someone involved with that show.

I’m glad she didn’t name me “The Fonz.”

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Edit: Eric comes from Eiríkr, which is Norse.

Some Famous Erics-
Modern Day: Eric Clapton
World History: Eiríkr inn Rauda (Eric the Red)

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Kari (KAH ree): origin is Norse meaning gust of wind; curly-haired. My dad is from Finland (Swedish Finn) and was told it is a Finnish boy’s name and a Swedish girl’s name. It’s root is also in greek meaning pure of heart.

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My name is Susan, and every third couple in the United States between 1945 an 1955 decided that that would be a lovely name for their little girl.

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My mom strode into motherhood like a baby-naming warrior, with a baby-name book in one hand and a Bible in the other.
That is why we all ended up named after old testament prophets, most of whom slew many philistines. Except for my sister, who was named after a lamp. Or more accurately, lamp shade.
My name means “Son of my right hand” in Hebrew, which was appropriate considering the plethora of spankings that right hand delivered(eth) unto me. Amen.

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Luiz Alberto. My first name means “Old warrior” and the second means “Exalted, shining with fame.” its a combined name. The first one is a variant of the classic Spanish name “Luis” The z variant was adopted in the mdeival time and is still present in Portugal, Alberto is an Italian name

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Marina is Latin and means of or from the sea. It is a popular name in Greece, France and Russia.

@srfinkel Yes, I had a sister Susan born in 1955. I also went to school with a lot of Sandras (Sandra Dee) and Lindas (don’t know why that was popular at the time.)

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WILLIAM “will helmet” (Teutonic). From German Wilhelm. The name has belonged to rulers of England, Prussia and Germany.

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While my name is pretty cool, its meaning is well boring.

Jackson=son of jack (my dads name isnt jack) and its an English name.

I got the name Jackson because my dad was a big fan of Jackson Browne so i was named after him.

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Charles- It means Master Flutherer.

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My name (Angus) is of Celtic origin and means ‘one choice’ in celtic mythology Angus Og is the god of humor and wisdom. Basically given to me because it sounded cool.

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Nordic origin
btw, my name isn’t ‘olav’, but one of the female variations…just look for the oddest one and you’re probably right

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Edward- Old English, guardian of wealth.

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Adrienne-Dark one. Which really fits my personality…duh nuh!!!!

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@wildflower Olavine? I was thinking olavia but thats not so odd.

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Nope….even more warped than that: Óluva

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thats a cool name.

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Thanks – it’s bugger to get people to spell it right outside the Faroe Islands though…..I’ve seen some interesting interpretations!

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Arabella is the name it is of Latin origin which means prayerful.

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