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Ear pain after wisdom teeth extraction?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7894points) June 3rd, 2013

Hello everyone,
So I survived sedation! But a new problem has come up.
On one side of my face (I got my two lower wisdom teeth out), I have this dull aching in my left ear. My jaw is a little achy too, but it is not severe pain. I took the hydrocodone the surgeon prescribed, but the achiness is not going away.
I got my teeth out on Friday afternoon, and it is now Monday afternoon. Could this be dry socket?
I know the best person to call is the dentist, but I can’t get there myself, and the people around me are all busy, so I want to be sure before I make an appointment.

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Take a double dose of painkillers. From everything I’ve read, a dry socket would not cause anyone to wonder if they have it. They’d be crying in agony. I think they’ll say to put a half unfrozen bag of peas on your face and to double the dosage of meds. Were the teeth embedded in the bone? Was it a complicated surgery? If so, I’d think you could have some level of discomfort for a week or ten days. Hope you feel better soon.

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Also a jaw will be sore after being yanked on.

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When I had all four out at once, all impacted I only took ibuprofen, not any of the prescription drugs. Later I read that ibuprofen had been shown to give very good relief after tooth extraction. I’m not a doctor, so I think you should double check with your dentist, but if the drug he prescribed is insufficient maybe add some ibuprofen or try it instead.

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As the article referenced by @Rarebear states, it is very common for tooth/jaw pain to radiate to the ear. Many of our patients that come in for earaches actually have problems with their TMJ or they get referred pain from bruxism.

Ice the jaw but not the ear if the jaw is swollen or there’s any tenderness. If the swelling has gone down and there’s no bleeding since you’re 4 days post-op, you could try a warm compress to the area to see if that soothes the ache.

Check with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any additional pain medications.

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possible infection?

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